VIKI and the family: smart home technology that cares for the loved ones

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In the age of smart technology, VIKI stands out for its ability to transform any home into a safe and comfortable environment for all family members, whether we are talking about children, pets or the elderly.

For children, VIKI provides a secure and adaptable environment. For example, automatic lighting control can ensure the right light in their rooms, reducing the risk of accidents. Motion sensors can be programmed to alert parents when little ones move around the house during the night, providing added peace of mind. In addition, the system can monitor the temperature and humidity in the room, ensuring that the little ones sleep in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Pets are also direct beneficiaries of VIKI technology. The system can monitor temperature and humidity to ensure the environment is comfortable for pets, regardless of the season. Additionally, smart cameras with local (not cloud) storage allow owners to keep an eye on their pets when they’re away, reducing separation anxiety. Another useful feature is automatic feeding, where VIKI can control feeding devices to ensure animals are fed on time.

For the elderly, VIKI becomes an indispensable assistant. The monitoring system and automatic alerts can detect unusual activity, such as lack of movement during a certain period, and notify family members or caregivers. The feature of learning user habits gives the elderly more independence, allowing them to adjust the light, temperature and even turn on the TV without even moving to the remote control.

Another essential aspect that targets the whole family is energy management through the HEMS (Home Energy Management System) module. With air quality monitoring and energy optimization functions, VIKI ensures a healthy and economical environment for the whole family. Also, integration with photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

VIKI is not just a smart home system, but a true partner in daily home management, adapting to the needs of each family member. With advanced security, comfort and energy efficiency features, VIKI proves that technology can bring added safety and convenience to everyday life.

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How does Viki ensure home security?

Usually when home security is secured through artificial intelligence (AI) assisted automation, questions start to arise regarding its access by hackers.
In the case of Viki we have several levels of protection:
✅ Protection provided by the home network.
– In order to command an equipment from home, you must, in the first step, enter the home network. A strong password and a specific user will require a lot of work from the hackers to access the home network
✅ Protection provided by the home automation system.
– To be able to gain access, you must know the user and password for the home automation system. Similar to home network, a strong username and password will be hard to crack.
✅ The house only accepts devices installed by us, when we install Viki.
When you install your Viki, you set the devices that will control the house, through their unique IDs. If you choose to control the house with your phone, the house will recognize its ID and only accept commands from that ID.
Basically, there are 3 levels of security, comparable to the security of banking systems.
And as an added bonus, we can set VIKI for vacation mode (what Viki will do when we’re away on vacation) to raise the blinds and turn on the lights, seems that the owners are at home.
You can rely on Viki for your home security!
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