Modern and elegant design: when art meets technology

VIKI is the house of the future and it is ready to blend in with any scenery, to be that invisible “butler”, always ready to meet the wishes and needs of the inhabitants of the house. How can VIKI be invisible? With the help of technology, which nowadays can be confused even with art.

A smart home does not mean one full of wires, cables, boxes, gadgets, lined up everywhere. The technology of the future is already here, and the “magic” devices that help VIKI to be VIKI are invisible. In addition to the wireless communication mode, the smart home can integrate elements that you could think are just decorative.

An example of this is the Vitrum collection, with devices that can be used in the most demanding homes, without standing out in an unpleasant way.

These devices bring together the electronics and the aesthetics, because they are designed to fit the most modern homes. Vitrum is compatible with traditional systems (220 / 230V) and can be installed in classic boxes 3 and 4 (503 and 504), offering innovation and simplicity.

Vitrum requires less wiring compared to a traditional system; does not bring control units or additional cables into the house, the devices simply communicate with each other wirelessly (Z-wave). They can be confused with small works of art, and the electronic system behind the decorative panel is flexible and functional. The devices can control the light, but also the blinds, adjust the temperature and activate scenarios that require the combined interaction of several functions.

The Vitrum devices are special, aesthetically speaking, as they were designed by Marco Piva, a renowned Italian architect and designer. They are available in three collections, ready to be integrated in any decor, in different styles: Tech Collection, Glass Collection, Stone.
So, the house of the future is not only smart, but also very elegant!

viki dispozitive vitrum

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