Smart home devices and trends in 2019

We must admit that we are already in the age of artificial intelligence. This has had and will have a strong impact on our lives, the industrial world and the automation of homes or buildings, especially in 2019.
The VIKI team has done a brief research on the trends of smart homes this year and the directions the demands of consumers in this field are heading worldwide.

Energy saving remains a desire, not only for the people’s finances, but also for our planet. Energy efficiency is a sensitive issue due to climate change and global energy challenges. A home automation system powered by artificial intelligence can reduce energy consumption by controlling smart thermostats, smart devices and automatic lighting sensors.

Home security through facial recognition is part of this year’s trends. Some Social Media applications already use artificial intelligence in facial recognition of users and tagging them in photos with 97% accuracy. In the security devices the intelligent intercoms appear, which, similarly, through a facial recognition algorithm, an AI powered system builds a catalog of known persons, through the connections of the Social Media user and the home visits. Based on this information, it will understand and memorize family members, guests and visitors. Through this technique, there will be a substantial reduction of false alarms. These security systems monitored together by motion detectors, sensors and surveillance cameras will easily replace a possible guard and even call the emergency services. This eliminates the need for human monitoring.

A home that takes care of itself

New devices used in home automation will even be able to diagnose health and, if necessary, notify residents when they need attention. For example, the ACs will inform the user when the filters need to be cleaned and inform the service center at the same time, saving the users valuable time.
The floor cleaning robots will keep the room clean when the owners are away.

Voice assistants and voice recognition devices are now affordable and their inclusion in smart homes is more accessible. IDC (International Data Corporation) expects deliveries of nearly 550 million smart home devices this year, and demand for intelligent voice control devices will eclipse smartphones by 2023, according to strategic analytics company Strategy Analytics.

Among the smart devices that will be ready to integrate into a smart home in 2019 will be: smart refrigerators (LG InstaView refrigerator with a transparent glass door, a monitor and an Amazon Alexa speaker built into a single device), a smart device GE Appliances Kitchen kitchen, which has a screen and ventilation above the stove, smart mirrors (Seura, Electric Mirror), intelligent security through video ringtones and interconnected security systems, smart lamps, multi-function fans, water heaters, smart thermostats, devices for sleep monitoring (bed that will automatically adapt to sleeping patterns to make sure you have the best quality sleep).

viki oglinda inteligenta

We are proud that some of these, such as voice assistants and the smart mirror, have already been implemented in our VIKI projects and we have been one step ahead of the trends, anticipating the wishes of our clients.

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