Security function, natively integrated in the smart home: see and hear VIKI’s intrusion alarm! [VIDEO]

viki securitate

The VIKI smart home protects the house and its stuff through a natively integrated function and, in case of alarm, all family members will receive notifications on their mobile phones.

It is important to know that the same sensors that control the lights or measure the temperature and humidity are also in charge of motions monitoring in the house. So, it’s not necesarry to invest in many more different systems (heating, air conditioning, humidity, security), which would come each with their sets of specific sensors, dedicated controller and communication system.

VIKI only uses one sensor, with multiple functions and capabilities, one analytic element (the house’s computer) and modern warning elements, already integrated in the house’s design – in this case, the TV set and the sound system of the house. All these lead to a substantial lower cost for the system, opposite to the case where each facility of the house would be run by a dedicated system.

Another different thing about VIKI, unlike other “smart” houses, is the way the warning message is communicated, in case of intrusion. It’s not a classic alarm that only makes noise; it’s an automated message that is broadcasted through the TV set and/or the house’s sound system. If there are more rooms in the house with VIKI multimedia, the message is broadcasted in each of them.

The warning message was conceived especially for VIKI by a psychologist, who delivered valuable information about the way the message must be transmited, the way it must be spoken, so that the effect of discouraging the intrusion attempt should be highest.

VIKI is the only smart home system that has a built-in security and active protection of the house function, even when we leave the pet inside the house. According to the option the user selects (see the video, at ”20), the house activates all the sensors, or just the perimeter sensors (open windows/doors), when the user leaves.

You can see in the video below how, after the users leave the house and the location is armed, all the consumers are turned off; the house switches to an energy saving mode, without the users intervention – they don’t have to manually turn off the lights or the TV or the heating system, when they leave.

VIKI: installation and configuration

viki configurare

Having a virtual assistant attributions, installing a smart home system may seem a complex and difficult process, but not if we are speaking about VIKI.


One of VIKI’s particularities is the fact that it is easy to install and configure. Thanks to the learning and the imitation of the human behaviour algorithms, the system is automaticaly adapting to the changes in the environment where it is installed, without needing a manual reconfiguration of the settings every time the family makes changes in its preferences.

The solution may be installed in new or finished houses, using a wireless technology that does not require special cabling.

Sensors and access control equipment are able to function on network energy or batteries with a 4 months to 2 years life, depending on the chosen type.

Once the system is installed in your home it will learn all the habits of family members related to lighting, climate and multimedia devices and know when to put them into action, and when the daily routine of the family is changing, the system reconfigures itself with the changes it register.

Smart ways to live

viki casa inteligenta 1

Alongside the main facilities, VIKI integrates some  smaller facilities, but with equally important benefits to our comfort.

And because for many families the kitchen is the central point of the house and the place where we spend the most enjoyable moments, we can not overlook the benefits of an automation system in this space.

The “Good Morning” scenario

With VIKI “at duty” in your home, the mornings are just perfect, because once we activate the “Good Morning” scenario, the intelligence of the solution will save you from all the task that you were doing untill know, even making the coffee.
When the motion sensors will identify activity in the house, the system will automatically raise the blinds for natural light to enter the house, ambient music or radio will start in the kitchen and the  coffee machine will activate itself.Scenariu-VIKI-5-phone_2

More than that it will keep you updated with the weather forecast, and the agenda will notify you with any events or meetings you have scheduled for the day.

The interactive shopping list

How many times it happens to all of us to forget the shopping list at home or to forget to purchase something that we really need.

VIKI helps you create toghether with the familly  the shopping list and  it sends you notifications when you walk by the store from where you can buy certain items.
Moreover, on the basis of saved recipes and culinary preferences, VIKI may recommendations for the family menu.


And because a healthy lifestyle means a constant monitoring, VIKI has a function that enables continuous tracking  of the  weight and other biometric parameters essential for a healthy lifestyle.

VIKI therefore not only ensures a pleasant atmosphere every morning,  but like a virtual butler it takes care of other aspects of your daily life.

Why smart home automation is essential for energy savings

viki scenariu lumini

If until recently the home automation systems were considered science fiction,  they are becoming now more and more present into our lives. Managing to control and monitor almost all the technological devices we use in a house, either we are at home or kilometers away, they bring significant benefits in what concernes the energy savings.

Scenariu-VIKI-3-luminiHow many times has it happened to forget the lights or the heat turned on while leaving home?   Our intelligent home automation system now allows  not only to continuously monitor the status and to turn on/off from the phone all the electonical smart devices, but will learn  your program, it will know when you came or leave the home, and therefore will heat the house at the  right temperature, and will turn it off when the house is empty. In addition to the results in savings , such a solution eliminates concerns and gives the users peace of mind.

But much of the electricity is consumed while we are at home and without us realizing it. Whether we move from room to room and forget the light on, whether we find another activity while the TV remains on in another room, a smart home will know when it is time to close them due to motion sensors that identify the presence or absence of users in a certain room.

With the touch of a button, the tools to maximize the energy efficiency of the house are now within everyone’s reach. Technology that recently we could see only in movies is now here and besides comfort and entertainment brings the possibility of an economy of resources.

What makes a smart home functional?

viki sistem central

In a recent article we were mentioning the fact that although the installation of a home automation system it may seem a complex process, in fact it requires an activity of one or two days and a few minor adjustments.

But what are the components that make a smart home functional?

The first to be mentioned is the home server that orchestrate the communication between  all electronic sistem-centraldevices controling lighting, heating, or multimedia,  by using VIKI’ s intelligence.
This “brain” of the house is called VIKI Central Unit.

To intelligently control the heating we recommend a kit consisting of a LCD radiator thermostat and  an actuator for the central heating system,clima-incalzire and for the hot summer days when we need to remotely start the air conditioning , it will be possible via the dedicated Z-Wave controller.

In addition to the classic motion detection function the multi sensors measure the ambient temperature and the light intensity, all this information being then forwarded to the home server which will implement actions according to our previous settings.

In what concernes our home security, the sensors that have been mounted on the doors and windows will alert us if we forget them opened when we live home,securitate-usi-geamuri or when we prepare for sleep. Also a security alert, the flood sensor   is particularly useful for our peace of mind when we leave home for longer period.

Smoke sensors, actuators for switches and other electronic devices which can be controlled via VIKI functionalities are available on