Smart ways to live

Alongside the main facilities, VIKI integrates some  smaller facilities, but with equally important benefits to our comfort.

And because for many families the kitchen is the central point of the house and the place where we spend the most enjoyable moments, we can not overlook the benefits of an automation system in this space.

The “Good Morning” scenario

With VIKI “at duty” in your home, the mornings are just perfect, because once we activate the “Good Morning” scenario, the intelligence of the solution will save you from all the task that you were doing untill know, even making the coffee.
When the motion sensors will identify activity in the house, the system will automatically raise the blinds for natural light to enter the house, ambient music or radio will start in the kitchen and the  coffee machine will activate itself.Scenariu-VIKI-5-phone_2

More than that it will keep you updated with the weather forecast, and the agenda will notify you with any events or meetings you have scheduled for the day.

The interactive shopping list

How many times it happens to all of us to forget the shopping list at home or to forget to purchase something that we really need.

VIKI helps you create toghether with the familly  the shopping list and  it sends you notifications when you walk by the store from where you can buy certain items.
Moreover, on the basis of saved recipes and culinary preferences, VIKI may recommendations for the family menu.


And because a healthy lifestyle means a constant monitoring, VIKI has a function that enables continuous tracking  of the  weight and other biometric parameters essential for a healthy lifestyle.

VIKI therefore not only ensures a pleasant atmosphere every morning,  but like a virtual butler it takes care of other aspects of your daily life.