Sensor types and their role in the VIKI smart home

viki senzori casa inteligenta

VIKI the “virtual butler” gets some help when it comes to the safety of the family living in the smart home. These small sensors, each with its own field of activity, quickly inform VIKI about changes in the physical-chemical parameters in the house. The VIKI team presents a review of the types of sensors used by the VIKI smart home and their role in ensuring its worry-free operation.

CO sensor – Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas, very dangerous for both humans and animals. This sensor monitors the key appliances in the home: boiler, stove / central heating unit, stove / oven, fireplace. When a hazard is triggered, when maximum levels of Carbon monoxide are reached, the sensor communicates with the VIKI application and sends users instant notifications in the form of alerts on the mobile phone as well as on the tablets in the house.
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