VIKI, Internet of Things and Downton Abbey

Probably most of you have seen at least one episode of the already famous British series Downton Abbey, which focuses on the Crawley’s and their life at the castle in the late 1930s. Just as likely you’ve been impressed by the multitude of servants and valets who provide services and maintain order of the daily tasks. But if Downton Abbey would be a smart home, fully automated, how do you think this would change the screenplay?

Certainly we all have favorite characters, but we will have to give up to some of them, because tasks such as opening doors, turning on lights and heat or playing ambiental music will be successfully met by this new intelligent valet equipped with learning capacities. No, we will not give up, Carson, the main butler because VIKI needs the right instructions in order to learn to operate  according to the house rules. Carson will certainly be delighted by the decrease in electricity bill and with the fact that VIKI warns him if any window of door remains open over night.Automated Downton Abbey

The question here is whether the smart home system will handle such a large number of interconnected objects and persons who are in constant motion, and  even pets?   The answer is yes, up to 230 equipments and an unlimited number of users.

Certainly the castle and the story would not have the same charm, as no house automated in this way was  possible in the 1930s. However now that we no longer have butlers and valets, there is Internet of Things concept (IoT) which involves the interconnection of all smart devices and smart communication between them.

Basically starting with your phone, TV, lights, kitchen appliances and in the not too distant future your car will all speak the same language.

If you don’t have  already an automated home, certainly in 10 or 20 years, this will be a must, and VIKI an option to take it into account starting from now.

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