VIKI recognizes users and applies what it have learned about their behavior

How would it be to wake up in the morning and the blinds go up without you doing anything about it? How would it be to come home from work and to have your TV on your favorite channel? How would it be to read a book so intensely that you don’t realize that the light is dimming and your lamp turns on automatically?

Well, many scenarios like this make the VIKI solution the right choice when you want to have an easier, more organized, smarter life. Whether you choose VIKI to assist you at the office or at home, the application allows you to create multiple user accounts. Each user has their own behavior, different habits, various reactions. But once it learns what defines you, VIKI knows how to act for each user.

VIKI is also the ideal solution for nursing homes or for people with special needs, for which routine is very important. When some tasks such as turning off the lights in the evening or pulling the blinds are difficult to perform, VIKI will know how to do this, without manual commands, whenever needed.

There are multiple scenarios that can occur in a home or building where such a “Smart Home” solution is implemented, and can be activated by artificial intelligence, voice, smartphone or tablet. They help increase your comfort when you want to forget about everyday worries, contribute to security and optimize energy consumption in your home.

A closer look at our routines could reveal surprises about how we live our lives and even help us organize better. VIKI comes with electronic diary functions, security, organization and reminders, weather forecast, shopping list, monitoring of the biological parameters of family members, regulation and monitoring of air quality, humidity or carbon dioxide concentration.

For iOS users, we have introduced in the infrastructure of this home automation solution a Beacon device, a small Bluetooth transmitter, which will notify and transmit to the home server that that user is at home and will log in automatically, when the phone passes by.

This need came up after iOS users’ Wi-Fi sign-off was disconnected when the screen was turned off or when the device was in sleep mode.

viki knows beacon smart ios

Therefore, VIKI not only teaches us daily behavior and habits, but also recognizes logged-in users to apply to each the scenario according to their needs. VIKI is more than a home management system, with VIKI you establish an emotional connection and become a member of your family.

VIKI Knows is currently the only home automation solution on the market that acts on the basis of an algorithm for recognizing user behavior and not on the basis of manual commands or presets.