Basic components of a VIKI system [VIDEO]

In one of our projects we have integrated over 200 pieces of automation equipment working in DALI, Z-Wave, BLE, WIFI, Ethernet technologies. From voice control, light control to water tank filling and irrigation control for the green wall, everything is controlled by VIKI. The video below shows the 24-hour activity of the VIKI smart home in 4 minutes and shows why VIKI is unique in the home automation systems world.

The basic components of the presented system:

Light control – 40x DALI
Multimedia – 2 Sharp TVs and Magic Mirror
Audio / Video Sources – 8x Raspberry PI
Audio amplifiers – 2 × 4 channels AUDAC + 3×2 channels AUDAC + AVRx9 channels DENON
Acoustic speakers – 7 × 2 BOSE / VIVALDI channels, 1×7 DALI channels
Virtual Assistant – 8xEcho Dot
Underfloor heating system with 8 independent zones and 17 floor temperature probes
Binary sensors – 5x
Terrace heating – 2x IR control
Shading systems – 6x
Multi-cooling – 4x
Security station with fingerprint reader
Sensors (motion, humidity, temperature, luminance, earthquake, ultraviolet, smoke, carbon dioxide, flood) – 45x
Beacons for user identification – 3x
Fixed control panels (tablets) – 5x Google Nexus 10 ′
Flower irrigation system with declorination tank and watering pump for the green wall.

VIKI means more than just connecting these pieces of equipment in a common system, it “settles” in the house and begins to analyze and observe the behavior of the users, and, thanks to the algorithms of learning the human behavior, it manages to become a partner for them.

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