Usage guidelines:

1. Download the app to your mobile phone:

The app can be downloaded on your mobile phone from the links provided on the website (Google Play, Apple Store), or the app beta version links provided by the VIKI team.

2. Accessing the showroom by using the reservation code:

Accesare showroom

In order to control the equipment in the showroom a prior reservation must be made on the website. The reservation can be made for a date and time of your choice. A reservation code will be sent to your email. The reservation code is required in the mobile app. Once the reservation code is entered, the control functions are available in the Control menu. The resevation code is only valid within the reserved timeslot.

3. Available rooms and facilities:

Selectare camera si facilitati

There are two rooms available in the showroom (Living and Outdoor). Most functions are available in the LIVING room.

3.1 Lights Control


VIKI manages different types of lights: dimmers, switches, RGBW. You can experience their operating modes in the showroom. VIKI’s adaptive intelligence can be trained by setting different combinations of lighting in the room (switching and dimming the lights in the room using the mobile phone) for different levels of the luminance in the room (controlled using the light control in the web page). After a while lights will be automatically adjusted to the desired lighting combination, as the luminance in the room is changed (using the light control in the web page).

3.2 Climate Control


VIKI uses intelligent algorithms for monitoring temperature, humidity, ventilation and shading control.

3.3 MULTIMEDIA - TV Control


Choose any of the TV channels available in the mobile phone interface and the TV in the showroom will immediately switch the channel accordingly. You must be aware that there is a small delay of the video transmission from the showroom, that should normally not exceed 2-3 seconds.

4. SECURITY - Acces Control


House access control is very important, therefore we integrated in VIKI an ASSA ABLOY, YDM 3168 door lock. You can lock/unlock the door lock in the showroom using the Access Control interface available in the Security Menu of the mobile phone. As soon as you change the door lock status you should notice a change in color of the showroom door lock from red to green and the other way arround, due to the mechanical action of the door lock system over a light microswitch.



The safety of your home is a priority for VIKI. Access to the house is secured, there is surveillance monitoring and the windows and the doors are constantly monitored to check if they are closed.
Type the code shown on animation to access the security screen.