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VIKI - The smart home that learns your habits is not just a home automation system. It comes with a user's habit learning function. The outcome is a smart home that controls itself features such as light, climate or multimedia, without any (necessary) user input or interaction, according to their habits. Moreover, VIKI allows the communication of all smart electronic devices in your home and their control at home or at a distance using a mobile device. VIKI is more than just a smart home automation solution. It is the "virtual butler" of your house.

Are you working on a house project? Choose VIKI!

Do you want a smart home and you are just designing it? Now is the perfect time to meet VIKI - the virtual intelligence system that efficiently coordinates all the smart electronic devices in the house, through a single application.

viki proiectare casa

VIKI system configuration

If you have already chosen an integrator with which to install VIKI in your home, know that you, together, will be able to configure all the details regarding the necessary equipment and costs by using the VIKI Configurator application.

viki configurare sistem

We deliver for installation

Based on the project of the house, the VIKI system will be delivered to you in the shortest time, along with all the equipment and devices. The logic and IT settings are already pre-configured, only the actual installation is needed.

viki livrare instalare

VIKI, the only smart home system that recognizes your behavior

It's done! VIKI is part of your family. Be assured, VIKI will soon learn the behavior of the inhabitants of the house and will provide you with the security and comfort you need.

viki recunoaste comportamentul

"The system for intelligent adaptation of the environment to the needs of users"

won the Grand Prize at the International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Inventions “Pro Invent” 2017.


Select below one of the facilities available in the VIKI smart home and find out more about the comfort offered by our system.

A day in life with VIKI

VIKI knows you and recognizes your daily habits, then it applies them to your home and life. We have implemented VIKI smart home solution using over 200 pieces of equipment, sensors and devices that turn a dream into reality.

Break-in alarm and pet mode

VIKI is the only smart home system that has a native security and active protection function of the house. This is activated differently, depending on whether or not the pet is left in the house.

Do you want to test the VIKI smart home?

Sit comfortably at your desk or in your armchair, access the VIKI showroom on your laptop or desktop, and you will have all the VIKI facilities in a LIVE filmed apartment that you can control from your own smartphone.

Scenarios and configuration of VIKI home

Based on special algorithms of learning and imitating human behavior, VIKI does not need dedicated presets, it will know when you come back from work and will activate and prepare the house for your arrival home.


VIKI Evolution



VIKI befriends KNX

VIKI the smart home takes a step towards interfacing with the KNX solution. In December we have researched KNX technology and tested the possibility of integrating the VIKI intelligence layer with the connection offered by the KNX solution.



A day with VIKI – 24 hours in 4 minutes

The idea of a connected home has been around for many years, in the way of controlling the home from your mobile phone, tablet and, more recently, with the help of a virtual assistant.



The benefits and challenges of a green wall in a smart home

While working at our projects of implementing smart homes, we have sometimes encountered challenges related to the maintenance of some green walls, and today we come up with some practical and useful information so that your smart green wall can be programmed, managed and maintained as efficiently as possible.



VIKI KNOWS is involved in the European MICROINV project, together with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

The VIKI Knows team will use their knowledge, experience and resources in a research project, in partnership with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN). .



10 memorable moments with VIKI

The basic functionality of a home automation system is certainly the possibility to group user needs into what VIKI calls Scenarios and ways of managing the home environment.



VIKI befriends the MyHOME Legrand solution

The VIKI team is not on vacation, but it is programming and testing new hardware platforms that need Multimedia functions and adaptive artificial intelligence specific to our product.




What happens when VIKI artificial intelligence meets Amazon Echo Dot - video

Developing the first truly intelligent home system in Romania means many hours of teamwork. It means exchanging ideas, endless lines of code, hours of discussion (sometimes contradictory), failures, beginning all over again and, often, fun - all as a team.



The VIKI smart home received the Grand Prize and the Gold Medal at Pro Invent 2017!

VIKI ("The system for intelligent adaptation of the environment to the needs of users") won the Grand Prize of the International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Invention "Pro Invent" 2017, as well as the Diploma of Excellence with the gold medal.



VIKI installation kit. What does it mean?

In a recent article we talked about the fact that, although installing a home automation system seems like a complex process, it essentially requires a day or two activity and some minor adjustments.



What it means to install a home automation system

We are all fascinated by technology, but this fascination often goes to the point where we understand how things work and know how to use it without too many headaches and most often without touching the instruction manual.



From a connected home to a smart home

What does a smart home really mean? Can we name a ”smart” home any home with a few gadgets, like thermostats, locks and different sensors connected to a router?



It’s easier with VIKI

We all agree that the house automation systems can bring benefits to our homes, regarding our comfort and security, but there are few aspects that one has to question before acquiring such a product. We might call them problems of the home automation industry, but here's VIKI and it might be the solution.



Home is where VIKI is!

One thing is certain, home automation will change the way we live forever. Although not yet widely spread, with the development of Internet of Things and the rising number of smart home electronic devices that we buy, the smart home solutions will become a necessity.



Meet VIKI!

We started two years ago, time during which we have invested a lot of ideas, resources, creativity, and passion in it. Now we've decided it's time for you to meet VIKI.



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