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The pleasure of staying at home reaches beyond current standards, while VIKI offers special moments of relaxation and leisure for you.

It will automatically choose your preferred multimedia content in relation to the user's chosen activity, based on previous experience.

  • Turn on the TV (ON / OFF) directly from your phone or tablet.
  • Easily select and change TV channels from the VIKI interface.
  • Select your favorite movie or series and play it on TV, using only your tablet or phone, without the necessity to use multiple remote controls.
  • Do you have a home cinema system? VIKI automatically starts the AV Receiver, sets the audio-video inputs and outputs so that the quality sound 'floods' the room in the most pleasant way.
  • You can listen to any online radio station and have access to your entire music collection stored on the VIKI or NAS server.
  • The system displays family photos on any TV in the house, turning it into a smart photo frame.