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Intelligent light control brings elegance, comfort and energy efficiency to your home. The ability to set light scenes according to the activities in the house and the ability of the system to adapt the environment without specific intervention from users, take the well-being of your family to another level.

  • The lights come on automatically when you arrive home.
  • Automatic light off, if VIKI detects that there is no one in a room or you have left home.
  • Intelligent adaptation of lights when sensors detect a decrease or increase in outside light intensity.
  • The control from the phone, tablet or voice command allows you to vary or turn off the lights, without even getting up from the couch. And when you're getting ready for sleep, you can turn off the lights in the whole house by activating the Sleep scenario.

VIKI intelligence allows the system to automatically adapt the lights in the house to the users present and their particular need for light. Depending on the activity in which the people in the house are involved (dinner, party, reading, sleep, etc.), VIKI teaches them their preferences and then manages the lights according to their needs.