We take care of your personal data

Protecting the information you provide is extremely important to us. Here are some things you need to know about the information we collect, the purpose for which we collect it, how we use it and to whom we transfer it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or by writing us to our address: QSOUND SOFT SRL, Romania, Cluj-Napoca, no. 4 Aurel Vlaicu st.

Your consent to use, collect, store, use and transmit personal data is essential for us in order to provide you with better personalized services.
Providing data for the purpose of receiving advertising or interest messages is optional, but for this it is necessary to send information such as name, surname and at least one contact info (e-mail address, telephone number). This data will be collected, managed, used and stored by us for advertising or personal purposes until the termination of your business relationship with QSOUND SOFT SRL or until the withdrawal of consent.

What does personal data mean and what kind of such data does QSOUND SOFT SRL collect?
Personal data means any information by which an individual can be identified. Any information we have about you is most likely provided by you - for example, you have filled in a contact form.
Within the activity of QSOUND SOFT SRL we process the following types of personal data: name, surname, pseudonym (if applicable), telephone number, email address.

Who are the persons whose personal data are processed by QSOUND SOFT SRL?
First of all, QSOUND SOFT SRL processes the personal data of regular clients, those with whom it has established a long-term contractual relationship, called business relationship. They are, as the case may be, individuals or legal entities. Corporate clients have individuals as proxies / legal representatives operating on behalf of the companies they belong to.
At the same time, however, we collect the data of occasional customers, those who contact us through the contact form available by email or directly by email to the addresses displayed.
If customers are the ones who provide information about other people, it is their obligation to inform those data subjects about the content of this policy regarding the processing of their personal data.
If in the contracts signed by QSOUND SOFT SRL with any supplier / provider of goods or services (contractual partner) are inserted personal data of the signatories of these contracts (usually name, surname, position held and signature belonging to the legal or conventional representatives of the contractual partners ), these personal data will be processed by QSOUND SOFT SRL in connection with the termination and implementation of these contracts, for internal administrative-financial management, will therefore be stored and processed within the period of the contract and thereafter, until the expiration of the term archiving of contractual documentation.

Why do we collect personal data?
There are several ways in which the information you provide can be used:

  • To ensure that we can contact you easily as part of our contractual relationship
  • To provide you with the information you have requested
  • To send you relevant information about our offers
  • To measure the performance of our advertising campaigns
  • To measure the performance of our sales and after-sales services

  • To whom does QSOUND SOFT SRL reveal the personal data it processes?
    Customers' personal data may be disclosed or transmitted under conditions of full confidentiality and data security, to different categories of recipients, such as:

  • IT service providers (maintenance, software development);
  • Courier service providers;
  • Accounting service providers;
  • Lawyers and legal services providers;
  • Providers of market research / research on customer satisfaction;
  • Providers of advertising, monitoring of user traffic and behavior in the online environment, as well as marketing service providers via social media platforms and email marketing platforms;
  • Banking institutions and state authorities (including tax authorities);
  • Website hosting providers
  • Providers of sponsorships, contests and promotions
  • Auditing services
  • Other partners with whom QSOUND SOFT SRL is in a business relationship, directly involved in ongoing projects.

  • What are the rights you can exercise regarding the personal data processed by QSOUND SOFT SRL?
    Any data subject has the following rights regarding the processing of his personal data by QSOUND SOFT SRL.

  • The right to be informed about how your personal data is used
  • The right of access to personal data
  • The right to rectification / updating when information is inaccurate or incomplete
  • The right to deletion of data or the "right to be forgotten" of data subjects who may request the deletion of their personal data if there is no longer a legal basis for their processing
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object to the processing
  • The right to submit a complaint to QSOUND SOFT SRL, either by sending a written request to the headquarters of QSOUND SOFT SRL, Cluj-Napoca, no. 4 / 109DIV Aurel Vlaicu st., or by electronic mail at the address: [email protected], as well as through an address to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) and justice.

  • How long does QSOUND SOFT SRL process personal data?
    In order to achieve the purposes presented above, personal data will be processed by QSOUND SOFT SRL throughout the contractual relationship but also after its completion in order to comply with the archiving time period provided by law.
    Personal data collected for the purpose of transmitting advertising messages will be processed with the consent of the data subjects until the end of the business relationship or until the withdrawal of the agreement.
    The personal data of the employees are collected and processed starting with the recruitment stage in which the employer identifies potential employees in order to fill vacancies within the company, throughout the execution of the individual employment contract but also after its termination according to the legal provisions regarding the storage and archiving of personnel files.
    Personal data processed for recruitment purposes will be collected and stored during the recruitment process for the available position.
    Any other personal data processed for purposes other than those indicated will be kept for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected to which it may be added non-excessive time limits, established in accordance with applicable legal obligations.

    How does QSOUND SOFT SRL protect the personal data it processes?
    Specifically, in accordance with the law, appropriate administrative, technical and organizational measures have been taken (policies and procedures, computer security etc.) to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data and the way they are processed.
    Also, the employees of QSOUND SOFT SRL have the obligation to keep the confidentiality and cannot transmit the personal data that they process within their activity.
    The contractual partners who have access to the personal data we process will be subject to contractual obligations in accordance with legal provisions and will be subject to the processing of personal data in compliance with the security and confidentiality requirements imposed.

    Updated on 24.05.2018.