You can go on vacation without worries, when VIKI takes care of the house

The winter holidays are getting closer and, even if this year we will not travel too far from home, we will still want to know it is protected, when we are away.

A house ‘equipped’ with VIKI does not require additional attention from the owners even when they go on vacation. All you have to do is to activate the “Leave” scenario (for only a day) or “Mini-Holiday” or “Holiday”, if you are going to be away longer. The house will remain safe, ready for our return.
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Fresh air and thermal comfort in the VIKI house

VIKI integrates the latest modern equipment and technologies, in order to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants of the house it supervises and takes care of. Thermal comfort is one of the most important features, so the VIKI team pays special attention to it.

But when we talk about thermal comfort, we must also think about air quality. We all want to breathe fresh air, especially at home, where the family is – and especially in these times, when we spend most of our time indoors. The handy solution is to ventilate the rooms as often as possible, but when the temperatures are low outside, we can’t keep our windows open for too long, without losing the heat in the house. Even in summer we can’t keep the windows open for long, especially when the heat outside is stifling. Continue reading “Fresh air and thermal comfort in the VIKI house” »

What is smart shading and how does it protect your house?

For each of us, “home” means safety, comfort, peace, warmth, the perfect ambiance for us and our loved ones, the place where we relax and where we feel protected. And VIKI intelligence can help ensure and maintain the feeling of “home”, knowing exactly what the needs of the home and family members are.

One of VIKI’s most useful facilities is smart shading. And it’s not just about closing the exterior blinds / shutters when it’s hot, as it may sound. Smart shading can also provide wind protection, thermal protection of the house or protection against ultraviolet radiation, and also against burglary. Continue reading “What is smart shading and how does it protect your house?” »

VIKI, the skilled gardener! How does the house take care of your plants, in your absence?

Plants of any kind bring life and beauty into our environment. Whether they are green or with colorful flowers, the plants on the balcony and in the house bring nature closer to us, even if we live in large urban areas. And air quality is much improved in any enclosed space where there are plants.

A balcony, no matter how small, can be an isle of peace and relaxation when we return home. And in the past months, when we had to spend even more time indoors, we all felt the importance of such a “green corner”. And gardening, even if it only means watering the flowers for a few minutes, relaxes us and frees us from the worries of the day.

Now, however, we return to our hectic lives, thinking about summer vacation and less about our green corner from home, which could suffer because of this. What do we do if we don’t have time, in the evening, to water all the flowers after a hot day? Or what do we do if we plan to go on vacation and do not have reliable friends, who could come at least periodically to water our plants? Continue reading “VIKI, the skilled gardener! How does the house take care of your plants, in your absence?” »

How does Artificial Intelligence know if you’re having dinner or taking a shower?

In the last 8 years, together with an extraordinary team, I have developed and implemented a technology through which the environment in our homes adapts to the needs of the family through the automatic control of environmental facilities, using artificial intelligence algorithms. In homes where we implement this concept, lights, air conditioning, shading or ventilation, multimedia devices and almost any electric equipment show a behavior ‘synchronized’ with user expectations. To put it simple, the house anticipates the user’s needs, without the user having to interact continuously and explicitly with the house, through buttons, remote controls, smartphones or voice. But how do these things happen? What are the mechanisms that lead to this way of ‘functioning’ of the house?

Smart home technology has evolved a lot in recent years, and IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become a reality in the world we live in. From the dozens of discussions I’ve had with specialists and potential beneficiaries of such use of AI, the question has often arisen as to whether society is ready to leave its life in the hands of artificial intelligence. And the answer was: It depends on intelligence! Continue reading “How does Artificial Intelligence know if you’re having dinner or taking a shower?” »

Talking to VIKI

In addition to the Artificial Intelligence decision algorithm, VIKI offers the user the ability to adjust the functioning of the house through Hands-Free voice commands, using the Amazon Echo equipment.
Whether we are talking about Light, Climate or Multimedia, or applying Sleep or Good Morning scenarios, VIKI understands simple voice commands that once spoken, determine the room or the whole house to change their behavior according to the user’s wish.
Smart lighting control brings elegance, comfort and energy efficiency to your home. The possibility of using voice to control the lights increases the comfort level of the VIKI user. Continue reading “Talking to VIKI” »

Electricity monitoring with VIKI

Lately, a lot of emphasis is placed on the energy performance of the houses, knowing that by March 2020, Romania has to transpose into the national legislation Directive 2018/844 / EU on the energy performance of buildings. This will impose on the builders and owners of buildings important rules, such as the obligation to install equipment for electric vehicles charging and systems for automation and control of energy consumption.

Energy efficiency measures can reduce the energy consumption of a building by up to 40%. The thermal energy for heating and hot water represents about 70% of the consumption of a residential building. Due to the proper thermal insulation and the implementation of efficient heating or energy monitoring solutions, the energy consumption can be reduced by half. Continue reading “Electricity monitoring with VIKI” »

Technologies for user identification in VIKI

The house of the future is the house where technology blends harmoniously with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect balance between comfort and relaxation. Intended for the whole family, VIKI technology is more than home automation. Our system automatically adapts to the changes in the environment in which it is installed, without needing a manual reconfiguration of the settings at each change of the family’s preferences.
In these processes of learning and reproducing the behavior of the users depending on the environmental context, the requirement to detect their presence in the respective location and to automatically identify each individual who is in the respective space is critical . Continue reading “Technologies for user identification in VIKI” »

Control of heating / cooling equipment in VIKI application


We want to provide users with a positive experience when they come into contact with the VIKI application, and its ease of use, intuitive elements and efficiency are the reasons why the VIKI team is in a process of continuous development and improvement of the application.

Thus, the Climate mode within the VIKI client application has several new changes, made in order to facilitate the tracking of the heating / cooling equipment found in the VIKI smart home.
The central heating unit, the radiators, the air conditioning, the mixing pumps and the underfloor heating circuits are active elements of the air conditioning system in your home. In order to make it easier to see how they “work”, we have created, activated and animated graphic symbols related to them, so that with a single glance you can see how the air conditioning works.
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Preparations for summer time – garden automation


We can already see the first buds, announcing spring, so we can start preparing the house and the green areas for summer. The evenings get warmer and longer, it’s time to revive the garden in the balcony or near the house, where we can go to relax.

We talked about the inside green wall and its challenges here. Regarding the green space outside, things are not much different, but the VIKI team highlighted some facts. Continue reading “Preparations for summer time – garden automation” »