VIKI: available features from 2017

In addition to the 4 main VIKI features (lights, climate, multimedia and security) that we are currently testing, from 2017 our solution will have 6 more special features.
The organizer can also be called a virtual assistant because it helps you better manage your daily activities and remember the important moments in your life. In addition to these basic functions, it contains some unique features:

viki organizer agenda taskmove

Daily organizer: it stores important events for each family member, birthdays, celebrations and meetings with friends.

Alarm: depending on the time, VIKI wakes you up to your favorite music, radio or TV channel, it raises the blinds and it prepares the house for morning activities.

Lifestyle: permanent monitoring of weight and other biometric parameters essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Shopping Cart: It helps you create a list of the products you need and sends you notifications when you pass by the store where they are available.
Cooking recommendations: Based on saved recipes and cooking preferences, VIKI can make recommendations for the family menu.

You are always in touch with friends and loved ones, because VIKI organizes all family contacts in the secure cloud of the house, so that they can be easily accessed privately or publicly, from anywhere and in any way (text, audio, video).

We will talk about the other features available from 2017 (shading, irrigation, digital library, My Comm or MnemoniQ) in our next posts.