Fresh air and thermal comfort in the VIKI house

VIKI integrates the latest modern equipment and technologies, in order to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants of the house it supervises and takes care of. Thermal comfort is one of the most important features, so the VIKI team pays special attention to it.

But when we talk about thermal comfort, we must also think about air quality. We all want to breathe fresh air, especially at home, where the family is – and especially in these times, when we spend most of our time indoors. The handy solution is to ventilate the rooms as often as possible, but when the temperatures are low outside, we can’t keep our windows open for too long, without losing the heat in the house. Even in summer we can’t keep the windows open for long, especially when the heat outside is stifling.

In addition, most houses and apartments now have double-glazed windows, which leads to health problems for the inhabitants (allergies, respiratory problems etc.), but also for the houses, which can be affected by moisture and mold, because they can’t “breathe” effectively. And these living conditions are likely to cause health problems, as specialists point out.

To increase the energy efficiency of the home, heat recovery systems have become increasingly popular because they keep the heat in the house during the winter, and during the summer they keep the temperature as set, which means significant energy savings. And if the equipment provides both comfort and economy, then it is perfect for the VIKI house.

The heat recovery system, which VIKI successfully integrates, ensures both the thermal comfort preferred by the family and the necessary clean air. This unit is a double flow ventilation system, with channels for fresh air and for the exhaust air, so the air intake and exhaust are done simultaneously, without mixing the air flows.

Specifically, the heat recovery ventilation system removes air that is contaminated with dust and smoke microparticles from the room, then brings fresh, clean air inside. During ventilation, heat transfer occurs, which ensures the energy efficiency of the system in any season. And this system ensures something else: walls without moisture and mold, as well as windows without condensation.

Given these features of the heat recovery ventilation system, VIKI allows you to set the scenarios of the house where the user wants fresh air, starting from the premise that, in the scenarios where he is not at home, this house facility is not necessary and therefore it automatically shuts off in order to minimize energy consumption.

In situations where the house is not equipped with heat recovery ventilation system, but there is simple ventilation that regulates humidity or ensures air circulation in the areas of the house, specific settings can be made with thresholds for humidification / dehumidification installations of the house, so they are automatically operated by VIKI, using the information from the humidity sensors installed in the house.

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