Apparently, appearances do matter!

White or Dark? City or Nature? If you have no idea what we are talking about,  let us introduce you little by little  into VIKI’s world.

12:38 PM,  a sunny day with plenty of light flooding the house. It’s lunch time, and some music will go just fine. VIKI displays a screen in light tones. Some time later, with the night falling over the city, the office lights went on, sign that is time to hit send for that last email, and to take a relaxing break before dinner, while watching the news. But something is changed in VIKI’s display mode! The screen is darker, which makes it easy to be read. That’s because VIKI knows that evening came and it’s time to change the theme from Light to Dark. Nice job VIKI!



But maybe outside it’s a gloomy day, and all we want is to leave behind all the tasks of the day, and to go somewhere into the nature. How not always possible, we can at least select a Skin, according to our mood. Nature, it is!



As you can see from these shown above, VIKI display mode can be customized according to your preferences, but VIKI also knows and identify whether it’s day or night, without any additional command adopting thus the most appropriate display theme.

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