Welcome home Michael!

Michael approached the phone to the small white dot and suddently, with a sharp sound, the door opened.  Stepping into the house , felt  all the worries of a busy and tiring day dissolving. The lights went on, and as he took a few steps toward the living room, “Fur Elise” started to play softly.   “Thank you VIKI!” he thought to himself while smiling.

His attention was drawn by the window blinds which were automatically lowering, sign that it’s almost 7 P.M, and Sarah will be home soon. He glanced at the wall, where some green lights were flickering on the control tablet. Curiosity made him get closer. “Welcome home Michael! Do not forget about  today’s  dinner with your parents, at 8 P.M.” read out loud.

Michael is the main character, even if a virtual one in our VIKI video presentation. But Michael, could be you or any member of your family, and your house – a home completly automated, smart and energy efficient.

VIKI Knows

According to your preferences, the house structure and the configuration chosen, VIKI includes features such as:

  • Lighting Control
  • Multimedia
  • Weather Forecast
  • Heating
  • Shading Control
  • Irigation and artificial light
  • Organizer
  • Digital Library
  • Security

More broadly about all these functionalities and  how you can make staying home more pleasant,  in the following articles.