How does Artificial Intelligence know if you’re having dinner or taking a shower?

In the last 8 years, together with an extraordinary team, I have developed and implemented a technology through which the environment in our homes adapts to the needs of the family through the automatic control of environmental facilities, using artificial intelligence algorithms. In homes where we implement this concept, lights, air conditioning, shading or ventilation, multimedia devices and almost any electric equipment show a behavior ‘synchronized’ with user expectations. To put it simple, the house anticipates the user’s needs, without the user having to interact continuously and explicitly with the house, through buttons, remote controls, smartphones or voice. But how do these things happen? What are the mechanisms that lead to this way of ‘functioning’ of the house?

Smart home technology has evolved a lot in recent years, and IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become a reality in the world we live in. From the dozens of discussions I’ve had with specialists and potential beneficiaries of such use of AI, the question has often arisen as to whether society is ready to leave its life in the hands of artificial intelligence. And the answer was: It depends on intelligence! Continue reading “How does Artificial Intelligence know if you’re having dinner or taking a shower?” »

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Technologies for user identification in VIKI

The house of the future is the house where technology blends harmoniously with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect balance between comfort and relaxation. Intended for the whole family, VIKI technology is more than home automation. Our system automatically adapts to the changes in the environment in which it is installed, without needing a manual reconfiguration of the settings at each change of the family’s preferences.
In these processes of learning and reproducing the behavior of the users depending on the environmental context, the requirement to detect their presence in the respective location and to automatically identify each individual who is in the respective space is critical . Continue reading “Technologies for user identification in VIKI” »

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A day with VIKI – 24 hours in 4 minutes [VIDEO]


The idea of a connected home has been around for many years, in the way of controlling the home from your mobile phone, tablet and, more recently, with the help of a virtual assistant. Nowadays, there are countless solutions that allow you to turn on the lights, turn the TV on or off, set the room temperature. But can they be called “smart”, as long as the action is initiated from the phone, tablet, voice or pre-programmed by a technician who hard-codes the actions of the “smart” house?

We dare to say, after many discussions with users of smart homes and specialists, during the event IMWorld 2018, that only the VIKI system behaves like a true virtual butler, who knows your habits and preferences.

VIKI has that added artificial intelligence needed for any connected home solution, so that, once installed, it will turn your home into a truly intelligent one. VIKI means more than just connecting devices to a common database, implementing algorithms to learn user preferences, managing to become a partner. Specifically, VIKI intelligence will learn by itself to control the lights, the temperature, the windows blinds, the multimedia equipment in the house, analyzing the current context and acting on the patterns identified in the previous experience.

VIKI is no longer just an idea, it is a reality, implemented in homes as real as possible. We spent a day with VIKI in an apartment in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and we observed it “at work”. Within a few weeks after installation, VIKI learned the preferences of the owner of the house. VIKI turns on the radio with the favorite news program in “Good Morning” mode, it raises the blinds, brews the coffee and turns on the right lights, in the right rooms.
When the owner leaves the house, VIKI locks the door, turns off the lights and continues to “work” during the users’ absence: it waters the plants, it lowers the blinds if the sun is too strong, it watches that everything is in order and it sends alerts on the user’s mobile phone if the sensors detect smoke (fire alert), gas or water (flood alert), if a door or window has been opened (break-in alert).

For each scenario, VIKI knows how to act: it permanently learns when the user is at home and performs pre-programmed actions when the user is away or is resting. When the user returns home, the temperature is just right, and the lights turn on when needed. In the evening, it’s VIKI, again, that creates the proper conditions for relaxation and rest.
We invite you to watch the video to understand why VIKI is special and unique in the field of home automation systems.

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VIKI Knows attended ExpoTech 2017

viki expoTech 2017

The VIKI Knows team presented the smart house that learns your habits at the ExpoTech technology exhibition, organized by TechFest at Iulius Mall Cluj, on the weekend of November 3-5, 2017.

The event is dedicated to both connoisseurs and technology enthusiasts, as well as the general public who are interested in smart systems or devices. TechFest hosted start-ups in the field, which presented new technologies and trends of the future.
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10 memorable moments with VIKI

viki livingroom moduri large

The basic functionality of a home automation system is certainly the possibility to group user needs into what VIKI calls Scenarios and ways of managing the home environment.
Activated by artificial intelligence, voice, from smartphone or tablet, VIKI scenarios and modes help to increase your comfort when you want to forget about daily worries and optimize energy consumption in your home. Let’s give you a few examples:
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Should we take our umbrella with us today or not? VIKI shows us the weather forecast, by days and hours

viki vremea selectare oras

It’s the holidays season and it is important to know from the start as much information as possible about the place chosen as a holiday destination, in order to be better prepared.
Or, simply, what awaits us on an ordinary day at the office when we can’t decide what to wear or whether to take the umbrella with us.

Regardless of the situation, one piece of information that most people look for is the weather – today or next week, depending on our plans. The weather can ruin them for us if we are not prepared.

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VIKI befriends the MyHOME Legrand solution

viki myHome legrand

The VIKI team is not on vacation, but it is programming and testing new hardware platforms that need Multimedia functions and adaptive artificial intelligence specific to our product.
These days, we have a new material on the workbench, after Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures, provided us with some equipment from the MyHOME solution.
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VIKI home configuration tutorial [VIDEO]

viki tutorial configurare

VIKI is the smart home that learns your habits and takes care of your family. By installing the VIKI system, you can be sure that both your loved ones and your belongings are protected.

The VIKI team has prepared a new presentation video, to show how you can configure your VIKI house yourself, see what devices would be needed and estimate a cost.

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VIKI Knows attended the 2017 Electric Demonstration Exhibition

viki expozitia electrica demonstrativa 2017

The VIKI team attended the Demonstration Electric Exhibition, 8th edition, organized by Euro Vial Lighting at the Constanţa Exhibition Pavilion, between June 15-17, 2017. The event, dedicated to both professionals in the field and final users, hosted the most important suppliers of electrical materials, specialists in the field, companies with reputation and weight in the industry, both nationally and internationally.
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Modern and elegant design: when art meets technology

viki dispozitive vitrium

VIKI is the house of the future and it is ready to blend in with any scenery, to be that invisible “butler”, always ready to meet the wishes and needs of the inhabitants of the house. How can VIKI be invisible? With the help of technology, which nowadays can be confused even with art.

A smart home does not mean one full of wires, cables, boxes, gadgets, lined up everywhere. The technology of the future is already here, and the “magic” devices that help VIKI to be VIKI are invisible. In addition to the wireless communication mode, the smart home can integrate elements that you could think are just decorative.

An example of this is the Vitrum collection, with devices that can be used in the most demanding homes, without standing out in an unpleasant way.

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