VIKI home configuration tutorial [VIDEO]

VIKI is the smart home that learns your habits and takes care of your family. By installing the VIKI system, you can be sure that both your loved ones and your belongings are protected.

The VIKI team has prepared a new presentation video, to show how you can configure your VIKI house yourself, see what devices would be needed and estimate a cost.

What should you do?
– Go to, myVIKI section
– First of all, fill in some minimal details of your project, so that the VIKI configurator can suggest you the most suitable equipment for automating the existing facilities.
– Then choose the room configuration of your house and their layout
– For each room you choose the components that will automate its facilities, and give them a name, as suggestive as possible
– Dimmable lights or switches, climate control, blinds, fire sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide, amplifiers and speakers for ambient sound, multimedia players or any other desired device can be selected from a range of equipment already tested by us.

After you choose the options for electricity and thermal energy saving, the system will calculate the effective energy savings for the next 10 years brought by the consumption reduction algorithms implemented in VIKI. These amounts are actually an investment in your home and not an actual cost.

Once you have completed the order, it reaches our configuration department. Here, a specialist will check the order, validate the technical solutions and prepare the equipment for delivery. Each piece of equipment is labeled, integrated in the hard-software configuration that will be delivered to you, preset and tested in special mounting racks. We actually check the operation of your smart home in our own laboratory, before we deliver the equipment that will automate your home.

The devices are labeled, so that you, or the electrician who will install them in your home, can easily identify them by name and the room in which they must be installed, being ready for commissioning. It is not necessary for the person who installs them to have advanced knowledge of IT or home automation.
Once the tests are completed, the order is ready for delivery, and it will arrive at your home as soon as possible. All you have to do is take each piece of equipment, identify the room and the automated facility, and, depending on the complexity of the installation, install them yourself or turn to an authorized electrician.

Watch the video below: