10 memorable moments with VIKI

The basic functionality of a home automation system is certainly the possibility to group user needs into what VIKI calls Scenarios and ways of managing the home environment.
Activated by artificial intelligence, voice, from smartphone or tablet, VIKI scenarios and modes help to increase your comfort when you want to forget about daily worries and optimize energy consumption in your home. Let’s give you a few examples:

The “Welcome home!” scenario
This prepares the house with the perfect temperature and the right architectural lights for your return, if you announce it when you set off from the office, from the mountain or on vacation.

The “Leave” scenario

You leave in the morning relaxed to the office without wondering if you turned off the heat or not, if you turned off the lights, the TV, lowered the blinds, turned off the appliances, whether there are or not open windows. Once VIKI notices that everyone has left home, it will automatically activate the Leave scenario, turning off the lights, multimedia and climate, however, keeping the average temperature of 15-18 degrees for the next 8 or 10 hours.

The “Holiday” scenario

If no activity is registered in the house for 48 to 72 hours, VIKI automatically enters the holiday scenario, where it will maintain a minimum temperature, necessary to sustain the life of the plants in the house.

Standby mode

In the rooms of the house, when for more than 2 hours (adjustable setting) no activity is registered, the air conditioning (AC or heating) and any unnecessary electrical consumer will be switched off, maintaining an average temperature of 18-20 degrees, according to the user’s settings.

“Good Morning” mode

If you have a daily routine for the morning, VIKI can put it into practice for you. With the simple voice or touch activation of the GOOD MORNING mode, VIKI will turn the lights on, so as Multimedia (tv or radio), it will raise the blinds, set the temperature with which the family feels the most comfortable.

“Pet” mode

VIKI is pet friendly and that is why it will continue to protect the home, even if they stay inside the house when the family leaves.

“Party” mode

VIKI turns the lights up, sets the optimum temperature for guests, turns on the amplification system and activates the perfect music playlist, making it an excellent host for your friends.

Cinema mode

If you are a movie fan and you have installed a Home Cinema system, with a simple voice command or smartphone, VIKI turns on the TV or projector, turns on the amplification system, sets the video and sound inputs to the right sources, turns off the lights, lowers the blinds and plays your desired video content, making you feel like you are at the cinema.

“Pre-Sleep” mode

VIKI automatically dims the lights, turns off the TV or sound system, lowers the blinds, sets the optimum temperature for sleep and ensures that the environment is best for you to sleep peacefully. Or get ready for bed, when you feel like reading a few pages before sleep.

Sleep mode

It can be activated manually or automatically when VIKI no longer detects any movement in the bedroom for a set period of time. It will completely turn off the lights and prepare the whole house for sleep.