VIKI to attend ExpoTech, within TechFest Cluj

viki expotech cluj

VIKI will attend ExpoTech technology exhibition within TechFest Cluj, which will take place at Iulius Mall, between November 3 and 5.

Now at the second edition, TechFest is an umbrella event that aims to bring together all those passionate about technology and innovation, whether we are talking about connectivity applications, smart business solutions, virtual reality, robots or artificial intelligence.
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10 memorable moments with VIKI

viki livingroom moduri large

The basic functionality of a home automation system is certainly the possibility to group user needs into what VIKI calls Scenarios and ways of managing the home environment.
Activated by artificial intelligence, voice, from smartphone or tablet, VIKI scenarios and modes help to increase your comfort when you want to forget about daily worries and optimize energy consumption in your home. Let’s give you a few examples:
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VIKI dealers

viki harta dealeri

The VIKI team is always looking for partners to help us bring this smart home automation system as close as possible to buyers across the country.

For this purpose we promote the application by attending profile events and online trying to make it popular among those interested – architects, builders, specialists in the field, decision makers from companies with an interest in promoting, installing or designing VIKI.

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The smart home: 10 ways VIKI can improve your life

viki scenariu temperatura

The house of the future is the house where technology blends harmoniously with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect balance between comfort and relaxation. Designed for the whole family, VIKI technology is more than “home automation”, it means an intelligent system that constantly learns, becoming through its unique functions a “virtual butler” of the house.
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VIKI: installation and configuration

viki configurare

Having a virtual assistant attributions, installing a smart home system may seem a complex and difficult process, but not if we are speaking about VIKI.


One of VIKI’s particularities is the fact that it is easy to install and configure. Thanks to the learning and the imitation of the human behaviour algorithms, the system is automaticaly adapting to the changes in the environment where it is installed, without needing a manual reconfiguration of the settings every time the family makes changes in its preferences.

The solution may be installed in new or finished houses, using a wireless technology that does not require special cabling.

Sensors and access control equipment are able to function on network energy or batteries with a 4 months to 2 years life, depending on the chosen type.

Once the system is installed in your home it will learn all the habits of family members related to lighting, climate and multimedia devices and know when to put them into action, and when the daily routine of the family is changing, the system reconfigures itself with the changes it register.

VIKI installation kit. What does it mean?

viki sistem central

In a recent article we were mentioning the fact that although the installation of a home automation system it may seem a complex process, in fact it requires an activity of one or two days and a few minor adjustments.

But what are the components that make a smart home functional?

The first to be mentioned is the home server that orchestrate the communication between  all electronic sistem-centraldevices controling lighting, heating, or multimedia,  by using VIKI’ s intelligence.
This “brain” of the house is called VIKI Central Unit.

To intelligently control the heating we recommend a kit consisting of a LCD radiator thermostat and  an actuator for the central heating system,clima-incalzire and for the hot summer days when we need to remotely start the air conditioning , it will be possible via the dedicated Z-Wave controller.

In addition to the classic motion detection function the multi sensors measure the ambient temperature and the light intensity, all this information being then forwarded to the home server which will implement actions according to our previous settings.

In what concernes our home security, the sensors that have been mounted on the doors and windows will alert us if we forget them opened when we live home,securitate-usi-geamuri or when we prepare for sleep. Also a security alert, the flood sensor   is particularly useful for our peace of mind when we leave home for longer period.

Smoke sensors, actuators for switches and other electronic devices which can be controlled via VIKI functionalities are available on

How to get started with home automation

viki configurare

We are all fascinated by technology, but this fascination goes often to the point to which we understand how things work and learn how to use it without too much hassles, and most of the times even without touching the user’s guide.

We often get asked whether VIKI the home automation system requires major changes in the configuration of the house, or if after installation will require periodic intervention from a specialist. The answer is in both cases negative.

Installing a home intelligent automation system

Whether it’s about a house under construction or a flat already compleatly furnished the installation is as simple because it does not require dedicated wiring. Depending on the configuration chosen there will be sensors that record motion, lighting, heat and humidity, and all the electrical switches and  devices will be upgraded so as to communicate with the house server.Scenariu-VIKI-4_1

Each device in the installation kit is configured with VIKI intelligence by our technical staff, before being sent to the user’s house, according to its specifications and preferences. Installation can be done by a  electrician or home security systems specialist.

Configuring the Home automation system

Certainly a home automation solution involves some changes in the daily routine of the users.   Once the system is installed in your home will learn all the family members related habits regarding lights, climate and multimedia devices and know when  is the right time to put them into action. Of course there is no need to quit operating the light’s swithers or the remote controlers, they will operate as before, only that now you have  VIKI’s predictive intelligence .

But what happens when your routine changes completely or if there will be  another  member in the familly ? Will you need to turn to a specialist for reconfiguration? Of course no, because VIKI is an adaptable system that reconfigures alone with the changes they register is user’s habits.

Even if apparently installing an home automation system seems a complex process, once you established the configuration and desired facilities, integrating the system in your home is a process of maximum two days with results that are going to surprise you.

Home Automation Trends for 2016

With the beginning of the year and the information that arrived to us from the latest CES (Consumer Technology Association) where large electronics manufacturers presented their latest products,  we decided to make a list of what 2016 looks for the home automation environment.

1. From Smart Home to Intelligent Home

A smart device is more or less a gadget that can be automated and controlled via the Internet from a phone, tablet or application. Instead, a intelligently device comes  with a series of algorithms which gives it a kind of its own intelligence, and it’s capable of undertaking a series of actions according with our previous behavior. In the scenario where a user listens to music in a given weekday, in a certain time frame and in a particular room of the house, VIKI will know to reproduce this behavior, even without user’s  intervention, at exactly the right moment and the favourit playlist.

2. Live Smart. Save Energy

Starting with  thermostats that automate the control of  the temperature, applications that let you do this remotely, we reach to a more complex system that monitors consumption and reminds you when you should stop and start the heat.  VIKI not only that  identifies when someone is at home and maintains a certain temperature in the rooms, but knows when you’re about to get home and is waiting for you with a warm and welcoming home.

Moreover when you go on vacation and forget to announce it,  it stops automatically the heat and keeps it at a level favorable for the plants.

3.  Home Safe Home

Security is a major concern for any family and must be an important feature for every home automation solution. Starting with various security systems that operate individually and are designed more to supervise,  we get back to VIKI who has the role to tell you when you forget your windows or doors open or to facilitate the access to the house only with your mobile phone.

Therefore,  although the home automation market is growing and more and more smart devices appear every day, for the users,  the only thing that remains important is to make their lives easier giving them comfort and security.

VIDEO: How to control your TV using the smartphone or the tablet

viki control multimedia

Developed with the purpose of making our time in front of the TV more enjoyable, remote controls have become absolutely essential, just too many and too often lost.

You can’t find your remote? Surely your phone or tablet are always at your fingertips where you have VIKI’s multimedia control feature  from which you can control your TV, the audio system, and the home theatre.

Possibility of on / off directly from your phone or tablet tv,  all available channels list and with the possibility to change them with a simple click. See the video below:

From a connected home to a smart home

viki learning

What does a smart home really mean? Can we name a ”smart” home any home with a few gadgets, like thermostats, locks and different sensors connected to a router? Is it enough to buy different online automation equipment that allows temperature control or notify us when we forget the lights on? In any of the above situations we are talking about a connected house, but not a smart house, because intelligence implies interoperability between all these devices, and not a fragmentation on criteria regarding the communication of these devices.
Moreover, it is not enough for these devices to communicate with each other, this communication must also be smart and this is what VIKI is trying to do, to create a common language while integrating various electronic devices and teaching them how to operate under its ”wand”.
A ”smart” home means a complete system for analyzing human behavior, lifestyle and events in the area, thus generating scenarios that mimic our behavior in interaction with the home, but which can also give us suggestions for improving our lifestyle. such as a shopping list, a weather warning or even dinner recipes based on the nutrition plan.
A question that arises here is related to privacy. If we are being watched 24/7 and all of our behavioral information gets stored somewhere in the cloud, how comfortable will we feel about it?
In our vision, the VIKI smart home is like a personal assistant, friendly, loyal and keeping your secrets “safe”, because it stores all the information about you in a cloud of the house, which can only be accessed by the users designated by you. Like a personal assistant, VIKI will have to be taught how to behave and what its tasks are, which is easy to do in the first weeks after installation. You just need a little consistency in learning the system, and in a few weeks you will no longer need your tablet or phone to manage things.
Therefore, a smart home like VIKI means more than just a set of smart objects, it means orchestrating them so that we can save energy, optimize costs and increase comfort.