The smart home: 10 ways VIKI can improve your life

The house of the future is the house where technology blends harmoniously with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect balance between comfort and relaxation. Designed for the whole family, VIKI technology is more than “home automation”, it means an intelligent system that constantly learns, becoming through its unique functions a “virtual butler” of the house.

viki scenariu temperatura

1. You’re smart, so should be your home!
The solution efficiently coordinates all smart electronic devices in the house, through a single application, and adds an unique feature: the VIKI intelligence. Based on special algorithms for learning and imitating human behavior, VIKI does not need presets. She will know when it is time to get home from work, turn on the air conditioners in time, choose the right lights and favorite music when you have dinner, save energy when you forget the electronic equipment or the lights on.

2. It protects your family
Your home and family’s safety is a priority for VIKI, whether you are at home or away. In addition to the classic burglar alarm and detection facilities, VIKI simulates your presence in the house to deter potential offenders, even if you are on vacation. In holiday scenarios, it turns the lights on or off, raises the blinds, or turns on the multimedia equipment, simulating family behavior.
• arming and disarming location, with notification on mobile in case of event
• access to the home by recognizing the mobile phone
• remote door lock / unlock, door / window status monitoring

VIKI implements different alarm scenarios for burglary, intruders, fire or carbon monoxide detection in order to protect people and property in the house. The system communicates with notifications on the mobile phone and audio messages dedicated to the identified alarm state, presenting precise evacuation instructions according to the detected event. For example: In the case of the carbon monoxide CO alert scenario, VIKI notifies all members of the household via text messages, automatically calls 112, automatically unlocks access doors to facilitate medical intervention, raises the blinds for better ventilation and turns on the house exterior lights for better guidance of rescue crews.

3. VIKI helps you save and consume responsibly
VIKI knows when you get home, turns on the heat or air conditioning in advance, and when you leave, it keeps the house at a certain temperature, aiming at energy efficiency, without you always having to worry about it.
VIKI knows when you get home and asks you before you leave the office if you want to activate the I’m Coming Home scenario that cleverly prepares your home for your arrival: it turns on the heat / climate, raises the blinds or turns on the ventilation system.
Smart Heating allows differentiated temperature control for each room.
The house learns the desired climate according to your activities, and when you leave home it will automatically enter one of the Away scenarios (work or vacation) scheduled to keep the house at predefined climatic parameters (temperature, humidity, shading).

4. VIKI takes care of the plants in the house
VIKI also knows how to water the plants, and how much light they need. It has an automatic irrigation system, with dedicated programs for all seasons and it artificially illuminates the plants positioned in the shaded areas of the house, balancing the need for daily light. Thus, VIKI takes care of the plants, providing them with the light and temperature necessary for survival even when the family is on vacation.

5. You will never forget the door open.
VIKI closes and opens the door with the help of the smart lock, so you will not need to worry.

6. Access to all multimedia equipment
VIKI also knows what your preferences are when you relax, in your spare time. It will automatically choose your favorite multimedia content, depending on the user’s chosen activity, based on previous experience.
• Turn on the TV (ON / OFF) directly from your phone or tablet
• Easily select and change TV channels from the VIKI interface
• Do you have a home cinema system? VIKI automatically starts the AV Receiver, sets the audio-video inputs and outputs so that the quality sound ‘floods’ the room in the most pleasant way
• Listen to any online radio station and have access to your entire music collection stored on the VIKI or NAS server
• The system displays family photos on any TV in the house, turning it into a smart photo frame

7. You always have the perfect light
Intelligent light control brings elegance, comfort and energy efficiency to your home. The ability to set light scenes according to household activities and the ability of the system to adapt the environment without specific user intervention bring your family’s well-being to another level.
The lights turn on automatically when you get home
Automatic light off, if VIKI detects that no one is in a room or you have left home.
Intelligent adaptation of lights when sensors detect a decrease or increase in outside light intensity
The control on your phone or tablet allows you to dim or turn off the lights, without even getting up from the couch. And when you’re getting ready for sleep, you can turn off the lights around the house with a single touch.
VIKI intelligence allows the system to automatically adapt the lights in the house to the users present and their particular need for light. Depending on the activity in which the people in the house are involved (dinner, party, reading, sleep etc.), VIKI learns their preferences and then manages the lights according to their needs.

8. Where is the remote control?
With VIKI, you will no longer have this worry. Select your favorite movie or series and play it on TV, using only your tablet or phone, without having to use multiple remote controls.

9. You also save time, not just money
We described VIKI as a real virtual butler, who helps you better organize your daily activities and to remember the important moments in your life.
Daily schedule: it stores important events for each family member, birthdays, celebrations and meetings with friends
Alarm: depending on the time, VIKI wakes you up to your favorite music, radio or TV channel, it raises the blinds and it prepares the house for morning activities.
Contacts: You are always in touch with friends and loved ones, because VIKI organizes all family contacts in the secure cloud of the house, so that they can be easily accessed privately or publicly, from anywhere and in any way (text, audio, video)

10. The virtual assistant
Ongoing monitoring of weight and other biometric parameters essential for a healthy lifestyle
Shopping Cart: Helps you create a list of the products you need and sends you notifications when you pass by the store where they are located.
Cooking recommendations: based on saved recipes and cooking preferences, VIKI can make recommendations for the family menu.