VIKI installation kit. What does it mean?

In a recent article we were mentioning the fact that although the installation of a home automation system it may seem a complex process, in fact it requires an activity of one or two days and a few minor adjustments.

But what are the components that make a smart home functional?

The first to be mentioned is the home server that orchestrate the communication between  all electronic sistem-centraldevices controling lighting, heating, or multimedia,  by using VIKI’ s intelligence.
This “brain” of the house is called VIKI Central Unit.

To intelligently control the heating we recommend a kit consisting of a LCD radiator thermostat and  an actuator for the central heating system,clima-incalzire and for the hot summer days when we need to remotely start the air conditioning , it will be possible via the dedicated Z-Wave controller.

In addition to the classic motion detection function the multi sensors measure the ambient temperature and the light intensity, all this information being then forwarded to the home server which will implement actions according to our previous settings.

In what concernes our home security, the sensors that have been mounted on the doors and windows will alert us if we forget them opened when we live home,securitate-usi-geamuri or when we prepare for sleep. Also a security alert, the flood sensor   is particularly useful for our peace of mind when we leave home for longer period.

Smoke sensors, actuators for switches and other electronic devices which can be controlled via VIKI functionalities are available on