Pre-scheduled events in the VIKI house

The role assumed by VIKI in our life is to help us every day with the routine and tasks, to take over our chores or even to remind us of things, when we are overwhelmed and busy. This is exactly why we always say that VIKI is our virtual butler – he is always “behind” us, ready to help us.


The facility presented in this article is especially useful for those with a busy schedule, who want to better organize their time and daily tasks. For all of us, in short.

It is about the possibility to set in the VIKI application certain repetitive events, which will trigger a series of pre-programmed actions. The basic elements of the event are the time, the day of start and the operating pattern of the house that is activated, the rest of the process depending on the behavior learned by VIKI from family members or fixed mode settings.

For example, we create the “Wake up” event and set it to be repetitive, every morning (Monday to Friday), at 7 o’clock. We will set this event to activate the “Good morning” mode, which we have already set. As a result, VIKI will perform every morning of the week, at 7 o’clock, the actions you have included in the “Good morning” mode: it will raise the blinds, turn on your radio or TV on your favorite station or prepare you the coffee. Or all this at the same time.

Defining these events / alarms can be done differently, in any area of ​​the house. The “Wake up” event can be set at different times for the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom and can include other types of actions, depending on the preferences of the family members.