Irrigation monitoring and management from the VIKI interface

Plants and flowers in the house or on the terrace refresh the atmosphere and improve mood, as well as air quality – but for most of us caring for them is an extra task, for which we do not have the time.

In the houses managed by VIKI, however, everything is easier, even caring for the plants. VIKI manages the watering, giving them the right amount of water, according to a predetermined schedule. And if the homeowner wants to monitor this process, VIKI can send them notifications about how the predefined home irrigation programs have been run. The user can also view a graphic about how the irrigations work, and the control interface can set dates / times for the irrigations to be operational.

Once the irrigation programs are set, VIKI will activate the right one for each area of ​​the garden or terrace, without the need for daily intervention by the homeowner. Green areas can be irrigated separately, at different times, if the flow of the water network does not meet the amount needed to irrigate the spaces at the same time. The programming of the operation of each circuit can be done, in this case, from the VIKI interface. We can establish programs that are repeated weekly, specifying the days of the week in which we want to activate the irrigation system and the length of time for which each subsystem (tank, irrigation circuit) to be operational.

The user graphic interface allows visualization of the working mode of the irrigation system, of the operation times for each circuit, there is also an edifying graph on the surplus water offered to the plants.