Implementation of the tariff plan for energy consumption

Energy, how it is obtained and its costs have sparked heated debates recently, with the climate change and global warming. And this autumn it is a topic of interest especially after the liberalization of the market, a situation that announces considerable higher costs. In these circumstances, energy saving should be the next important topic to be discussed – and resolved.

This is exactly what VIKI aims to do, through its integrated tariff plan definition module. The module can be found in the application by selecting Control, then Energy and Archive.

The system is especially useful where there are differentiated costs for day and night, as it can calculate the energy consumption for each electrical equipment of the house or for the system as a whole. Reports can be made either for 15 minutes, days, months or comparison between years. The user graphic interface is simple, the time intervals, the energy costs on each interval are defined and each tariff plan is mapped on the time interval corresponding to its use.

The tariff plan can be useful in applying the HEMS (Home Energy Management System) algorithm, the system trying to reduce consumption or use the house’s own energy in the intervals when the network purchase tariffs are high.

The HEMS concept – Home Energy Management System allows the user to monitor energy consumption, but also production (where it exists), respectively to control, manually or automatically, energy consumption in the home. We talked more about HEMS in a previous article, that you can read here.