Restarting the VIKI home server

Restarting the VIKI server application regularly leads to a more stable working environment and a better operation of the VIKI SERVER application. Periodic restarts also protect the system from unforeseen shutdowns, and this maintenance operation can be done easily, without requiring the presence of a specialist from the VIKI support team.

The option is available in the VIKI client application – settings section.

Why do you need to restart the VIKI server?

1. To load new system settings that cannot be updated during operation.

2. Recalculation of AI (artificial intelligence) prediction models that are regenerated when the system is restarted.

3. To test the server’s ability to cope with an unexpected restart with the correct workload loading.

4. Reorganize memory and eliminate possible memory leaks.

5. Ultimate solution if abnormal system operation occurs.