Did you forget a window open? VIKI takes care of the house on any weather

The rainy and cool season is here, the season with capricious and often surprising weather – as we have seen in recent days. We no longer sleep with the windows open at night, but in the morning we have to open the windows, let the fresh autumn air enter the house. It’s just that in the morning we are too hurried and sometimes inattentive, forgetting to leave the house in order, so that when we return we have the comfort and peace that we have been waiting for all day.

VIKI helps us, again. The scenario is well known to everyone: in a hurry, we leave the windows open in the morning, forgetting to check the weather forecast. A few minutes of rain is enough, if it is torrential and the wind is still blowing, on the way back we may find a small flood or at least wet objects around the window.

Well, if we have the VIKI system installed, we will be warned in the morning, when we are about to leave: be careful, there is an open window. And we avoid a lot of problems. On the other hand, even if it does not rain that day, if the window remains open and the temperature drops below the set limit, it will not turn on the heating in that room, the process being conditioned by the heating / cooling settings saved in VIKI.

So, VIKI does not only manage the electrical / electronic equipment in the house, it can successfully play the role of that intelligent butler that we all wanted to help us when we have too much on our heads, when we are too hurried or too stressed. It could be that friend who tells us there’s a chance of rain in a few hours, so we’d better get our umbrella. Or that autumn is here, in the morning it’s only 10 degrees Celsius, so the summer dress should be replaced with a suitable outfit. Or just remember to close the window when you leave, so that you don’t find your bedroom wet and cold on your return.

With VIKI, the scenario is more relaxing: even if we forgot the window open, when we activate the “Leave” mode we will be warned of this. And we will know that, in our absence, the house is safe. And when we return home, we will find exactly the desired temperature, the right lights and the atmosphere that allows us to relax after a full day.