You can now control the smart home VIKI with your voice

VIKI and Alexa became closer friends this summer. The last time we told you about the “relationship” between the artificial intelligence VIKI and the Amazon Echo Dot (code name: Alexa) was in May, when compatibility tests were in progress.

Since then, the VIKI team has been able to integrate more and more voice commands into the application, commands that VIKI is currently able to execute promptly: setting a room temperature, displaying the weather forecast, opening the door, turning on / off the TV, playing / stopping the music player and more.

Thus, now we can talk directly to our virtual “butler”, and soon we will not need (too much) phone / tablet anymore, it will be enough to use our voice in order to control the intelligent house VIKI.

The proof can be seen in the latest video shot by the VIKI team during the tests.

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