Should we take our umbrella with us today or not? VIKI shows us the weather forecast, by days and hours

It’s the holidays season and it is important to know from the start as much information as possible about the place chosen as a holiday destination, in order to be better prepared.
Or, simply, what awaits us on an ordinary day at the office when we can’t decide what to wear or whether to take the umbrella with us.

Regardless of the situation, one piece of information that most people look for is the weather – today or next week, depending on our plans. The weather can ruin them for us if we are not prepared.

Well, from now on, VIKI can help us with this problem as well, because it has learned to extract from the internet the data about the weather and the weather forecast. Thus, our virtual butler can now tell us what the temperatures are, the chances of precipitation and wind values – not only from this moment, but by the hour, for 7 days in advance, depending on the city you are in or the one you are about to visit. All you have to do is select it, and VIKI will provide you with all that data, helping you to organize yourself more efficiently.

So you will know whether or not to take the umbrella when you leave home because VIKI will notify you of any weather alerts for the next 10 hours.