Let’s meet VIKI!

We started two years ago, time during which we have invested  a lot of ideas, resources, creativity, and passion in it. Now we’ve decided it’s time for you to meet VIKI.

Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, IoT, Ubiquitous Home, this is how VIKI can be described, but if we take a closer look VIKI is more, is a home automation system equipped with artificial intelligence, the first product of its kind in Romania. No remotes, no buttons or dedicated control equipment , VIKI  will simply react at your presence.

VIKI Knows! If you are wondering  what it knows, the answer is simple: everything you teach it, everything you like to do while you are home and involves interaction with an electrical appliance. Equipped with motion, temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors and based on special learning algorithms, the system remembers your preferences related to lighting, multimedia, climate, lifestyle and many more other functionalities which you can discover in the following video:

Ready to take it home? Must tell you that VIKI is currently in the prototype stage, but in a few months it will be ready to become a virtual member of any family who wants their home to be intelligent and energy efficent.

So, 2016 will definitely be the year when you can take VIKI home.