VIKI KNOWS is involved in the European MICROINV project, together with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

viki microinv

The VIKI Knows team will use their knowledge, experience and resources in a research project, in partnership with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN). The project “Management of electricity in a network with renewable sources”, proposed by UTCN and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, will be carried out for 36 months and will include research into the development of energy management algorithms for system efficiency, respectively the maximization of energy consumption from renewable sources.
Specifically, the VIKI Knows team will participate in the project with industrial research activities.
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VIKI is inviting you to Pro Invent 2017! Cluj-Napoca, March 22-24

viki pro invent 2017 invitatie

VIKI will attend the 15th edition of the International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Invention “Pro Invent” in Cluj-Napoca, hosted between March 22 and 24, 2017 by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, under the auspices of the Ministry National Education and the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The event will take place in the Complex of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and brings together universities, institutes, research centers and stations, companies, inventors’ associations, individuals from the country and abroad, in order to arouse the interest of potential users and the general public.
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Meet VIKI!

viki intalniri 1

The VIKI team has started a series of meetings-seminars, in order to introduce this smart home automation system to those interested – architects, builders, specialists etc., decision makers from companies with an interest in promoting / VIKI installation / design.

A first meeting has already taken place, and some of the participants were later able to visit a “VIKI site”, a house where the system is currently being installed.
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Should we automate the central heating with DANFOSS LIVING CONNECT Z or Stella Z Eurotronic?

viki automatizare incalzire

After a 2016/2017 winter with many nights and days below 15 degrees Celsius, we can draw some conclusions about the use of thermostatic heads to control heating on radiators, connected to a classic apartment boiler.

Both Danfoss Living Connect and Stella Z are robust products in terms of manufacturing, with an obvious design gain for Danfoss. This, through the LCD screen on which you can view the temperature and the status signaling icons, as well as the manual temperature adjustment buttons, brings an extra ease to use.
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Home Automation: from Vitamine to Painkiller

viki iot large

In less than 10 years a typical family house will contain somewhere around 200 smart objects, from the refrigerator to the washing machine,  all devices with a certain  level of “intelligence” and “communication skills”.

The solution for the control of all of the device’s is not a specific application for each device but rather one solution that controls everything and which anticipates your action and your preferences based on your previous behavior – a Connected Home

From here arises the need for home automation, a need that did not exist until now and that is why it was difficult for the industry to develop. Although the home automation solutions have emerged more than 20 years, there is still a small percentage of the population using them.

But with the significant growth of electronics and the gadgets we buy, intelligent home control is a must, as confirmed by the studies below:

iot“How the next evolution of the Internet is changing everything” the Cisco report which highlights the fact that by 2020 there will be about 7 internet connected devices per capita.

And according to Strategy Analytics, 30% of  Western Europe homes will hold  by 2019 a certain degree of  inteligence. What the people who look for an automation solution consider as essential? Firstly the  safty of their homes  and the energy efficiecy.

The Smart Home report results performed on a sample of 1,600 people in the US and Canada confirms this:

  • for 90% of respondents security and personal safety and that of the family is the main reason for which they would purchase such a system.
  • 70% are led by lower energy costs through  smart monitoring and control.
  • and for 48% the motivation comes from the usefulness given bz automation itself

As one of the first developers of smart homes in Romania, we are delighted by the fact that we managed to raise attention and to make people want to benefit from a smart home solution.

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The easier, the better

viki clima incalzire

We all agree that the house automation systems can bring to our homes benefits regarding our comfort and security, but there are few aspects that one has to question before acquiring such a product. We might call them problems of the home automation industry, but here’s VIKI and it might be the solution.

1. Most home automation systems are designed for houses under construction.

That is not the case for VIKI, which works  both on wired and wireless technology. The  system can be  installed without major changes in any building, be it an already furnished apartment or a house under construction.

2. Changing  the default user’s settings and preferences, always require resorting to the specialists who installed the automation system.

Most automation solutions are  being configured when installed with the preferences in terms of lighting, climate or irrigation  that the users have at the moment. But what if this preferences change over time? Normally one has  to appeal to those who have installed the solution, wait for  their intervention and most likely pay an extra cost for this service.

VIKI is a proactive solution that adapts to the behavior of the house inhabitants and change with it. All you have to do is give it a few days to memorize the settings you do manually,  and after that it will automatically learn what should do. If  you prefer after a while  a different temperature, or diverse music in different rooms, you can set it by yourself and the solution will learn it.

3. Too many different automation applications or too many remote controls.

Even if you already own  certain automation systems for automating gates, blinds, or even mobile applications that control heating and lighting, the goal of an intelligent and effective home control is a unique application from which you can control your entire house.

VIKI aims to be the brain of your home, offering not only the intelligent control functions, but due to the adaptative algorithms it generates savings on electricity and heat and the comfort and pleasure to stay at home, all in one single application.

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Meet the team

viki echipa

Two companies, ten people, different backgrounds and interests, but one common goal: to offer a unique experience in what concernes the automation of the intelligent homes.

VIKI means more than a project for us, VIKI has become a part of our team and we hope it will become a  “virtual member” of every familly who will receive it in their homes.

QSound Soft and Napoca Software are both IT companies located in Cluj-Napoca, operating on the Romanian and international market for over ten years.echipa VIKI

Napoca Software has developed and implemented projects for romanian customers such as Commercial Manager, a radio advertising automation application, or Columna, a inventory managing application for retail stores. The company founded in 2003 is also developing complex projects with clients from other countries.

QSound Soft  in known for the most used radio automation and broadcasting software in Romania, having more than 250 radio stations as clients. Apart from the radio software modules,  another field of activity is dedicated to in-store music systems for HoReCa and Retail operators, and InfoTrafic, our own radio station.

Dan Chiuzbăian, CEO QSound Soft and Project Manager for VIKI is the man behind the idea. Dan & RhynnoIn the last years the development of IoT (Internet of Things) exploded, many equipment manufacturers and interconnecting technologies reaching the market. The attention of market players focused on developing products but also interconnecting them. Our project tries to bring more value to this growing market: artificial intelligence that imitates  the human behavior. Since the beginning of the project (2012), the team developed algorithms that analyze the context in which the user is, evaluate possible actions and determine the known preferences of the human factor, then acting to satisfy them. This is the major innovation of the project and the way in which VIKI is different from other home automation solutions. “

Florin Roman is theTechnical Manager and the man responsible with the implementation and coordination of the team.Florin

“VIKI means a daily challenge both for me and for the team. We joined with confidence into this project, driven by the idea that in this field you can always discover something new, something that no one has  thought yet. “

Our motto “None of us is as smart as all of us.” and a lot of  work.

The VIKI team 🙂

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Imagine a world in which…

viki monitorizare casa

Imagine a world in which your home is a oasis of relaxation after a busy day.  It’s not about a house on the beach, but exactly your home, where you can spend the whole year in the most pleasant ways if you choose to integrate a intelligent home automation system.

Why should you take into consideration a smart home system?

You only need to know that according to MarketWatch, until 2020, there will be 29.5 million devices from refrigerators to cars connected by the Internet of Things, as opposed to 10.3 million in 2014 . And if you are a new technologies passionate using various gadgets and  spending 1/3 of your every day time on the Internet,  a smart home solution it will be just what you are missing.

How can a smart home help you?

We choose to emphasize just three main reasons:

  • The system “learns” from user behavior and choices which are made in the period after the installation. After that VIKI will work according to the user preferences expressed before.
  • Connectivity, accessibility and  permanent monitoring: You can 24/7 monitor whatever is happening at home, whether it  pets being left alone or plants that need to be watered while in vacation.viki pic
  • Smart appliances: just imagine that you dont’t have to wake up 10 minutes earlier anymore to make the coffee, because at the moment when you step out the bed, VIKI has already “communicate” the task to the coffee maschine, and the TV in the living room is turn on on the news channel.

All this will help you save time, energy and enjoy the time you spent at home.

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Welcome home Michael!

viki welcome michael

Michael approached the phone to the small white dot and suddently, with a sharp sound, the door opened.  Stepping into the house , felt  all the worries of a busy and tiring day dissolving. The lights went on, and as he took a few steps toward the living room, “Fur Elise” started to play softly.   “Thank you VIKI!” he thought to himself while smiling.

His attention was drawn by the window blinds which were automatically lowering, sign that it’s almost 7 P.M, and Sarah will be home soon. He glanced at the wall, where some green lights were flickering on the control tablet. Curiosity made him get closer. “Welcome home Michael! Do not forget about  today’s  dinner with your parents, at 8 P.M.” read out loud.

Michael is the main character, even if a virtual one in our VIKI video presentation. But Michael, could be you or any member of your family, and your house – a home completly automated, smart and energy efficient.

VIKI Knows

According to your preferences, the house structure and the configuration chosen, VIKI includes features such as:

  • Lighting Control
  • Multimedia
  • Weather Forecast
  • Heating
  • Shading Control
  • Irigation and artificial light
  • Organizer
  • Digital Library
  • Security

More broadly about all these functionalities and  how you can make staying home more pleasant,  in the following articles.

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Let’s meet VIKI!

viki tendinte casa inteligenta 2020

We started two years ago, time during which we have invested  a lot of ideas, resources, creativity, and passion in it. Now we’ve decided it’s time for you to meet VIKI.

Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, IoT, Ubiquitous Home, this is how VIKI can be described, but if we take a closer look VIKI is more, is a home automation system equipped with artificial intelligence, the first product of its kind in Romania. No remotes, no buttons or dedicated control equipment , VIKI  will simply react at your presence.

VIKI Knows! If you are wondering  what it knows, the answer is simple: everything you teach it, everything you like to do while you are home and involves interaction with an electrical appliance. Equipped with motion, temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors and based on special learning algorithms, the system remembers your preferences related to lighting, multimedia, climate, lifestyle and many more other functionalities which you can discover in the following video:

Ready to take it home? Must tell you that VIKI is currently in the prototype stage, but in a few months it will be ready to become a virtual member of any family who wants their home to be intelligent and energy efficent.

So, 2016 will definitely be the year when you can take VIKI home.

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