Imagine a world in which…

Imagine a world in which your home is a oasis of relaxation after a busy day.  It’s not about a house on the beach, but exactly your home, where you can spend the whole year in the most pleasant ways if you choose to integrate a intelligent home automation system.

Why should you take into consideration a smart home system?

You only need to know that according to MarketWatch, until 2020, there will be 29.5 million devices from refrigerators to cars connected by the Internet of Things, as opposed to 10.3 million in 2014 . And if you are a new technologies passionate using various gadgets and  spending 1/3 of your every day time on the Internet,  a smart home solution it will be just what you are missing.

How can a smart home help you?

We choose to emphasize just three main reasons:

  • The system “learns” from user behavior and choices which are made in the period after the installation. After that VIKI will work according to the user preferences expressed before.
  • Connectivity, accessibility and  permanent monitoring: You can 24/7 monitor whatever is happening at home, whether it  pets being left alone or plants that need to be watered while in vacation.viki pic
  • Smart appliances: just imagine that you dont’t have to wake up 10 minutes earlier anymore to make the coffee, because at the moment when you step out the bed, VIKI has already “communicate” the task to the coffee maschine, and the TV in the living room is turn on on the news channel.

All this will help you save time, energy and enjoy the time you spent at home.