Home is where VIKI is!

One thing is certain, home automation will change the way we live forever. Although not yet widely spread,  with the development of Internet of Things and the rising number of smart home electronic devices that we buy,  the smart home solutions will become a necessity.

Home automation began with a programmable coffee machine , with devices that can be controlled by specific applications and evolved into complex solutions, such as VIKI  which connects multiple devices from different manufacturers and can run more efficiently without human interaction.

The question you most likely ask yourself at this point is how complicated it will be to install and interact with such a solution?

Installing a smart home solutions

While it may seem a complex process, the installation can be done by a qualified person in less than a day without the need for major changes or adjustments in your home. The smart home that you desire can be an apartment, a house under construction, a house under renovation or fully furnished.  Your only concern is to decide what  additional functionalities  would you like, beside automatic lights, climate, multimedia and security.

The functioning of a smart home solutions equipped with artificial intelligence

Once you close the door behind the VIKI specialist, you will have a virtual butler, a client service phone number  and the user guide. What should you do next?

You might get closer to the control panel, put VIKI on Dinner Mode in the living room, then manualy adjust the light from the dimmer, turn off the TV from the remote control, turn on the music from another remote.

Nothing special untill here, but extremely important for the learning function of the system. The next day VIKI will know that around 20:30, you are getting ready to have dinner in the living room. It will  diminish the intensity of lights at the point that you have set it the previous day, or if  we are talking about  several days,  it will be at the intensity most used in the majority of days. After that  it might asks you  with a message on your phone or tablet if it is ok to turn off the TV and play the ambient music, as you did it the day before.

The ability of memorizing and saving the user actions and habits and later implement them by itself, this is what makes VIKI a truly intelligent solution. Furthermore,  the fact that a single solution will be able to control almost all electronic devices which communicate throught internet  without the need of multiple remotes or other applications it is what makes it very useful.

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