If we talk about intelligent confort, we talk about VIKI

Although more and more intelligent devices make their appearance in our homes in order to improve our lifestyle, there is always a risk that the whole process of automating our homes, becomes to demanding for the user. The reason? Too many devices and apps  lacking a common language that can create a really smart and interconnected environment.

rsz_multiThis is the problem for which VIKI is the solution. An intelligent system able to integrate different automation systems and various technologies into a single solution with multiple automation functionalities, all in a single interface.

Relying on comfort and simplicity, VIKI will integrate and automate all smart electronic devices in the house giving users precise control over the home’s environment. Convenience, comfort and security are essential things for anyone and  VIKI’s main objectives.

Lighting, climate, security and multimedia, are all functionalities that can be controlled from your mobile phone, whether you’re home, office or maybe thousands of kilometers away. More than that, VIKI is not only a system that is configured when it is installed and after that the same settings are applied, VIKI is a system that will learn and adapt all the time. If your habits and configuration changes so does the smart house.

Beyond the technical aspects of the solution, the single most important benefit is the safety that comes from  the full control you have on your house and “peace of mind ” it brings.