The easier, the better

We all agree that the house automation systems can bring to our homes benefits regarding our comfort and security, but there are few aspects that one has to question before acquiring such a product. We might call them problems of the home automation industry, but here’s VIKI and it might be the solution.

1. Most home automation systems are designed for houses under construction.

That is not the case for VIKI, which works  both on wired and wireless technology. The  system can be  installed without major changes in any building, be it an already furnished apartment or a house under construction.

2. Changing  the default user’s settings and preferences, always require resorting to the specialists who installed the automation system.

Most automation solutions are  being configured when installed with the preferences in terms of lighting, climate or irrigation  that the users have at the moment. But what if this preferences change over time? Normally one has  to appeal to those who have installed the solution, wait for  their intervention and most likely pay an extra cost for this service.

VIKI is a proactive solution that adapts to the behavior of the house inhabitants and change with it. All you have to do is give it a few days to memorize the settings you do manually,  and after that it will automatically learn what should do. If  you prefer after a while  a different temperature, or diverse music in different rooms, you can set it by yourself and the solution will learn it.

3. Too many different automation applications or too many remote controls.

Even if you already own  certain automation systems for automating gates, blinds, or even mobile applications that control heating and lighting, the goal of an intelligent and effective home control is a unique application from which you can control your entire house.

VIKI aims to be the brain of your home, offering not only the intelligent control functions, but due to the adaptative algorithms it generates savings on electricity and heat and the comfort and pleasure to stay at home, all in one single application.