The smart heating control

One of the most appreciated features of an automation system is certainly the possibility of a better management of the house heating.

Finding the house always at the prefered temperature, controling the heating from your smartphone even when you’re not home, smart zoning, auto standby mode when you leave the house and forget to stop temperature are just some of the “skills” that VIKI has.

I’m coming home

Neither too warm nor too cold, when you arrive home the house environment must be at a optimal temperature. This was our starting point when we design the “I’m coming home” feature with which  you  can announce the house  that you’re on the way home directly from your phone. VIKI will start to adjust the temperature automatically, so when you arrive home it will be just how you expected.

Smart Zoning

Once you get home you have the possibility to program different temperatures for each room and you can do that either from your phone, your tablet or the smart thermostat mounted directly on each radiator. Furthermore, VIKI will remember your preferences and it will replicate them without you being always concerned about  starting and stopping the heat.

Smart Living

Intelligent control also means and effective management of the resources. There are 3 features linked to VIKI’s heating intelligent control, which will guarantee a lower heat consumption by up to 30%.

Standby Mode: when in a room is not recorded activity for more than 2 hours,  VIKI turns off the heat and will maintain it around 18-20 degrees. In other rooms where you make your presence felt it will maintain it at the desired value.Scenariu-VIKI-4_1

Away Mode: there no need to ask yourself if you switched off or not the heat, when you left for  office in the morning. Once VIKI has registered that everyone left the home, will switch to Away mode, which means that  for 8 or 10 hours while nobody’s home it will keep the temperature at  an average  of 15-18 degrees.

Vacation mode: if between 48 to72 hours the system does not record  any activity in the house, it will automatically switch to holiday mode  maintain the required temperature for plant survival,  assuming you went on vacation and forgot to announce it.

VIKI’s temperatures and scheduling  scenarios can be adjusted according to your preferences, and you can change yourself, without needing the intervention of a specialist.