Talking to VIKI

In addition to the Artificial Intelligence decision algorithm, VIKI offers the user the ability to adjust the functioning of the house through Hands-Free voice commands, using the Amazon Echo equipment.
Whether we are talking about Light, Climate or Multimedia, or applying Sleep or Good Morning scenarios, VIKI understands simple voice commands that once spoken, determine the room or the whole house to change their behavior according to the user’s wish.
Smart lighting control brings elegance, comfort and energy efficiency to your home. The possibility of using voice to control the lights increases the comfort level of the VIKI user.

Control Lumini

The VIKI house offers great moments of relaxation for you or your family. You can also use the following voice commands to control multimedia equipment:

Comenzi Multimedia

Even though VIKI learns the individual preferences of each member of the family related to temperature, humidity, ventilation and shading so that they are always in the preferred state of the user or group present in the room, sometimes we need to change the routine learned by the system with one that suits the moment, adapted, for example, to evenings when we have guests.

Activare scenariu Party

As the SCENARIOS reflect the working modes of the house, the MODE activation commands set a specific state for a room. It is very convenient for the user to activate the Sleep mode only by saying the name of the module, without pressing any button or mobile device. The lights will go out automatically, the multimedia will do the same, the blinds will cover the windows.

Comenzi de activare a Modurilor setate

But as the preferences may vary, and for more flexibility, you can easily communicate with VIKI for the individual change of the desired parameters:

Comenzi schimbare parametrii

The safety of your home and family is a priority for VIKI. That is why we have implemented the following voice command facilities:

Comenzi activare scenarii de urgență

VIKI creates a truly intelligent and interconnected environment through common language, integrating multiple devices and applications, giving users precise control over the home environment. Convenience, comfort and security are essential things and the purpose of the VIKI solution.