It’s smart to be safe

Smart home is about security, automation and connecting all the devices in the house to each other, so that they can be controlled and accessed remotely only through an application on your phone. We all like to think of our homes as a safe haven. The place where we go after a tiring day at work, where we spend smart time, the place where we let our children sleep at night, where we are safe.

Today, people face a busy schedule, where organizing their time is essential. The VIKI smart home helps them not to worry if they have armed their security system, closed their doors / windows, closed their garage, turned off their water, gas or turned down the heat.

The VIKI smart home offers the efficient security of your home, with integrated various equipment and sensors that constantly inform you through phone notifications about any changes that occur.

There are so many things that technology can offer in terms of protecting the home and to warn us of the danger we receive, the sensors and the VIKI application are permanently connected, responding instantly to a triggered event.

Door closed / open – on departure if you forget to set the alarm, VIKI notifies you [Entrance door is open]. Same with the forgotten open windows. For added security, you can monitor and access security alarms and cameras in remote locations. Also, the user can follow the activity in the house by checking on the VIKI application which user enters the house at certain moments. For example, when the child gets home from school, you receive the notification on the phone [George entered the house].

Phone alert – door open

viki usa deschisa

External camcorders – displays live images of surveillance cameras installed outside the home.

viki securitate supraveghere video

Security Alarm – In the event of a burglary, VIKI will notify you by notification if there are any unusual movements in your home. The state of emergency will also be installed in the home and the Burglary scenario will be activated, triggering the alarm that will scare the offender.

TV screen alert – burglary

viki efractie

Fire alarms, flood alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – the sensors detect the anomaly and communicate with VIKI, which sends notifications on the mobile phone so that the user can react as quickly as possible, taking the necessary measures.

Tablet alert – flood

viki inundatie

Phone alert – carbon monoxide detection

viki alerta co telefon

Tablet alert – carbon monoxide detection

viki alerta co tableta

If the VIKI application is turned off on the phone, it is not in the background of the operating system, all types of alert will issue a push notification in the form of text (instead of the graphic one) so that the user is informed about the critical situation in the house.

viki alerta

VIKI the automated house has the intelligence to keep your home safe – inside and out. You will always be at a distance notification of what is happening in your home, whether you are at home or gone, VIKI will keep you informed.

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