Returning to VIKI home after the holiday

Whether you have returned home to discover that you have forgotten to turn off a light or that someone has left the bathroom faucet open, nothing can add a negative note to a vacation like returning to disaster. We all do routine checks when we know we will be away for a longer period of time, but putting the smart home in vacation mode is a step forward. The VIKI smart home can help you keep your home safe, clean and ready for your return.

What did the VIKI smart home do while you were away?

• VIKI has guarded the house through the installed security system (break-in alarms activated, security cameras enabled)
• VIKI watered the plants and gave them enough light
• VIKI managed the shades to keep the temperature constant in the house, saving energy
• It allowed the cleaner, the postman / courier or even other family members to enter the house / yard (via the smart lock and the smart intercom that was permanently connected to your phone via the VIKI application)
Returning home after a trip is always comfortable with VIKI, you just have to activate the “Coming home” scenario. At that moment, VIKI begins to prepare all the conditions that the inhabitants of the house are accustomed to:
• It will command the intelligent thermostats to bring the house to a comfortable temperature, in each room according to the previous behavior.
• It will raise the blinds to allow light to enter.
• It will activate the exterior and entrance lights to illuminate your path when you arrive.
• It will set the automatic coffee machine to wait for you with a cup of hot coffee / tea after a tiring road.
So your holiday is always worry free and the house always protected by VIKI.

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