Shelly: A new technology for implementing the VIKI system in any home

“We want a smart home, but we don’t want to break walls and install cables everywhere” – this is the objection we most often encounter from customers, when we propose the VIKI system for their already finished houses. The next objection is the one related to the budget, which can be quite high, when we choose the implementation with wired technologies (KNX, DALI etc.).

But IoT equipment and the smart home industry are in constant development and have advanced a lot in recent years, so more and more solutions are emerging to help make implementation easier. Thus, most recently, we have added Shelly products to the range of technologies used to control home equipment, which work wirelessly on 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n or, popularly said, via Wi-Fi. They have proven connectivity over longer distances than Z-Wave products, so with their implementation in VIKI, we can improve the operation of wireless devices and their installation in already built houses, with minimal interventions.

Shelly equipment can be easily integrated with any electrical installation, without the need for changes to your home network.

Shelly technology uses the home’s wireless access point, and can control a wide range of smart home features:

► light control, with adjustment of intensity or colors, multiple options for scenarios and modes according to the schedule of the residents of the house and their preferences;

► control of compatible appliances, at home or in the office;

► energy consumption measurement and control, for optimization and energy saving;

► monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity and brightness.

We have, therefore, a new option that we can offer to customers, for the installation of VIKI in any home, with minimal expenses and discomfort caused by changes to the existing installations.

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