VIKI to attend TechFest again

VIKI will attend for the second time TechFest, on November 8, 2018, at ClujHub. This time, however, we will attend as part of the Science Summit, where, together with tech specialists, we will place the VIKI smart home among future projects.

Being a 100% Romanian software, VIKI, the smart home that learns your habits, received an award in 2017 at ProInvent, for the best invention. So we now have all the experiences we have had during the testing periods, as well as the successes we are proud of and for which we have worked hard in the past years.

Technology, innovation and promoting science, vision and the future of Romania are words that fully describe the Science Summit held this year at TechFest. When we talk about the scientific summit, we are talking about a new vision of future technologies, a difference between current science and the 2030 prototype, but also about smart living spaces and smart homes.

TechFest is the festival that includes 9 events and over 30,000 participants, with the central theme being technology. It will be held on November 8-11 in Cluj-Napoca and will have an exhibition component as well as some presentations, conferences and workshops.

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