The VIKI home is ready for winter

How do you prepare for a peaceful winter? Prepare the warm clothes in the closet, make sure the heating system will work, change the car tires… but the house? How do you prepare the house for shorter and colder days? With VIKI, you don’t have to worry.

The VIKI intelligence will naturally adapt to the changes that come with the cold months and will continue to provide that warm atmosphere, the safety and comfort that define the feeling of “home”. Yes, we will enjoy less natural light, and falling temperatures can cause us problems. We will spend more time in the house, with the family.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your home is well lit and heated at all times. With VIKI’s intelligent solutions, you can create some preset scenarios that will help to establish a suitable environment for any occasion. You can create a bright workspace in the kitchen when you cook, choosing “Cooking” mode. VIKI will turn on your favorite music, reduce the heat in the kitchen, which will be offset by the one in the oven, and keep the lights on.

In the VIKI house you can enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere, in the relaxing moments of “Cinema Mode” and the long dinners in the family – “Dinner Mode”. In both cases, the lights will be dim and the multimedia system will play the images and sound according to the mode chosen.

On cold winter days, when you relax, you can add color to the environment. VIKI is compatible with RGBW niches, which gives you the choice of a variety of colors.

viki rgbw

VIKI will ensure the thermal comfort of the inhabitants of the house even on the coldest days, communicating intuitively with the smart thermostat. It will know how to go up when it’s time to wake up (“Good Morning” mode), so that it is easier for you to get out of the warm, comfortable sheets. In this scene, even underfloor heating will start, to enjoy the most beautiful mornings at home.

With the help of smart thermostats, you can set the temperatures for different times of the day. Even on frosty nights, VIKI will keep the temperature in the house constant.

viki termostat

One of the biggest benefits of a home automation system is that you can access your home even from far away. VIKI will take into account the periods when you are away for work or on a ski holiday, in order not to double the monthly energy consumption by heating an unoccupied house. If your family has a regular schedule, when activating the “Coming Home” mode, VIKI will start to warm the house slightly, so that when you return from work you will have the ideal temperature for personal comfort. To take care of your home when you are away on holiday, VIKI will lower the shades at night to keep as much heat in the house as possible.

Also, in the VIKI house, each person will have their own favorite temperature; a family member may perceive a room as too hot, while someone else may feel that it is not warm enough. The advantage of smart temperature control is that in the living room, for example, it will find a balance to please all users, but in the rest of the rooms it will change the temperatures according to preferences.

So, let yourself be in the hands of VIKI intelligence, it will take care of you and your family in the cold season! All you have to do is enjoy holidays, vacations or simple moments, relaxation, with your loved ones.

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