Why choose the VIKI smart home?

viki casa inteligenta 2

In recent years, we have talked quite often about the home automation solution equipped with artificial intelligence, VIKI. You have witnessed our every step, every test, every success.
Together with the VIKI team, we would like to review the reasons why we believe that this system differentiates us from the other similar products on the market.
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Smart home devices and trends in 2019

viki frigider inteligent

We must admit that we are already in the age of artificial intelligence. This has had and will have a strong impact on our lives, the industrial world and the automation of homes or buildings, especially in 2019.
The VIKI team has done a brief research on the trends of smart homes this year and the directions the demands of consumers in this field are heading worldwide.
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The VIKI home is ready for winter

viki casa iarna

How do you prepare for a peaceful winter? Prepare the warm clothes in the closet, make sure the heating system will work, change the car tires… but the house? How do you prepare the house for shorter and colder days? With VIKI, you don’t have to worry.

The VIKI intelligence will naturally adapt to the changes that come with the cold months and will continue to provide that warm atmosphere, the safety and comfort that define the feeling of “home”. Yes, we will enjoy less natural light, and falling temperatures can cause us problems. We will spend more time in the house, with the family.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your home is well lit and heated at all times. With VIKI’s intelligent solutions, you can create some preset scenarios that will help to establish a suitable environment for any occasion. You can create a bright workspace in the kitchen when you cook, choosing “Cooking” mode. VIKI will turn on your favorite music, reduce the heat in the kitchen, which will be offset by the one in the oven, and keep the lights on.
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VIKI to attend ExpoTech, within TechFest Cluj

viki expotech cluj

VIKI will attend ExpoTech technology exhibition within TechFest Cluj, which will take place at Iulius Mall, between November 3 and 5.

Now at the second edition, TechFest is an umbrella event that aims to bring together all those passionate about technology and innovation, whether we are talking about connectivity applications, smart business solutions, virtual reality, robots or artificial intelligence.
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