Why choose the VIKI smart home?

In recent years, we have talked quite often about the home automation solution equipped with artificial intelligence, VIKI. You have witnessed our every step, every test, every success.
Together with the VIKI team, we would like to review the reasons why we believe that this system differentiates us from the other similar products on the market.

Therefore, here is why recommend VIKI:
• it can be installed in new or finished houses (using wired or wireless technology)
• it is intended for the whole family and acts without each member actively intervening in the settings
• it is more than “home automation”, it learns the behavior of its users and then becomes the “butler” or ”virtual assistant” of the house
• it effectively coordinates all the smart electronic devices in the house, through a single application
• it does not need dedicated presets or manual reconfiguration, the system automatically adapts to changes in the environment
• it is compatible with most smart devices on the market
• it is a personal assistant, friendly, loyal, who keeps your secrets “safe”, because it stores all the information of the users in a local server of the house, which can only be accessed by the designated users
• it offers comfort, a high lifestyle
• it offers energy and resources savings
• it permanently adds new facilities, based on current customer requirements
• it is easy to install and use, friendly interface

If these things have not convinced you 100%, we invite you to see what it’s like to spend a day with VIKI.

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