Sensor types and their role in the VIKI smart home

VIKI the “virtual butler” gets some help when it comes to the safety of the family living in the smart home. These small sensors, each with its own field of activity, quickly inform VIKI about changes in the physical-chemical parameters in the house. The VIKI team presents a review of the types of sensors used by the VIKI smart home and their role in ensuring its worry-free operation.

CO sensor – Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas, very dangerous for both humans and animals. This sensor monitors the key appliances in the home: boiler, stove / central heating unit, stove / oven, fireplace. When a hazard is triggered, when maximum levels of Carbon monoxide are reached, the sensor communicates with the VIKI application and sends users instant notifications in the form of alerts on the mobile phone as well as on the tablets in the house.

viki senzor CO

Flood sensor – To be installed on floor level in bathroom, kitchen or any other flat surface for flood detection. The sensor has three golden legs that detect any water leak and a waterproof shell that helps it float on the surface of the water so it can still send flood notifications through the VIKI application.

viki senzor inundatie

Multisensor – Motion, light and temperature sensor – In addition to motion detection, this sensor measures ambient temperature as well as light intensity. It can be installed quickly and easily on any surface, is mounted on the ceiling to detect motion and light.
With this sensor, VIKI will recognize the motion and brightness from the rooms, turning on the lights in the presence of the users in the room, notifying the presence of intruders in the restricted access areas, measuring the room temperature by providing the information needed to make the decision to stop / start the heat.

viki multisenzor viki multisenzor 2

Door / window sensor – is a sensor mounted on doors and windows. While detecting the opening and closing of the door or window, the device also measures the ambient temperature. The opening is activated by separating the body of the magnet sensor. With this sensor, VIKI will notify users when a family member leaves the home, sends alerts when the door is opened, stops the heat during the ventilation of the room.

viki senzor usa geam

Smoke sensor – This sensor records information about smoke and temperature level. Regardless of whether the alarm system is activated or not, the sensor permanently sends information to VIKI, even detecting cigarette smoke. At a smoke / fire alarm, VIKI will notify users on the mobile phone, and if the home is equipped with a solenoid valve on the gas supply, it will automatically turn off the gas. When cooking, the sensor monitors the kitchen and warns us in case of a fire.

viki senzor fum

Beacons – Sensors intended to recognize the people who have installed the VIKI application on their smartphone, facilitating the automatic login / logoff of each user in the house. These presence markers (beacons) communicate via bluetooth with the users’ phone, notifying the VIKI house about their arrival / departure into or from the perimeter of the house.

viki beacon

The safety and security of the home and family members is essential and does not withstand delays, which is why the VIKI team recommends installing all these sensors in your VIKI smart home, in order to fully enjoy your loved ones, with the least worry.

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