Preparations for summer time – garden automation

We can already see the first buds, announcing spring, so we can start preparing the house and the green areas for summer. The evenings get warmer and longer, it’s time to revive the garden in the balcony or near the house, where we can go to relax.

We talked about the inside green wall and its challenges here. Regarding the green space outside, things are not much different, but the VIKI team highlighted some facts.


Although not a requirement, evergreen plants are usually preferred for both indoor and outdoor green walls due to their longevity and appearance. By definition, evergreen plants should keep their leaves throughout the year. Of course, this limits the selection of available plants. Plants generally used outdoors should tolerate major temperature changes, as humidity varies and this can cause problems if not taken into account.

For a green area to work properly, all its mechanisms must work correctly. In addition to choosing the right plants, installing irrigation systems and creating suitable growing environments, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly.

For the best plant care you need more data on light, humidity and temperature. This information is sent by various sensors to the VIKI application, which can then make decisions about the most suitable irrigation program.


Compared to an indoor green wall, the outdoor green space no longer needs “forced” light, the photosynthesis of plants being achieved by natural light. Therefore, an important factor remains the correct management of the irrigation system through pre-established programs.

Irrigation systems are typically either recirculated or direct systems. A recirculation system will collect the water, then pump it and distribute it from a built-in tank. The tank can be filled manually or connected to the water supply of a building. While recirculation systems collect excess water for reuse, direct systems send excess water into a drain.

The gardens and the lawn can benefit from the same scheduled irrigation plan, whether the inhabitants are at home, at work or on vacation, through the VIKI application they can control and manage their garden.

Smart and active green spaces facilitate the optimal maintenance of the factors mentioned above to ensure that the plants have the best possible living conditions.

To implement and control this module in home automation, you need:

VIKI application

  • irrigation kit
  • external temperature and light sensor, air humidity sensor
  • actuators for irrigation pumps and water tank
  • water tank
  • pump
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