Control of heating / cooling equipment in VIKI application

We want to provide users with a positive experience when they come into contact with the VIKI application, and its ease of use, intuitive elements and efficiency are the reasons why the VIKI team is in a process of continuous development and improvement of the application.

Thus, the Climate mode within the VIKI client application has several new changes, made in order to facilitate the tracking of the heating / cooling equipment found in the VIKI smart home.
The central heating unit, the radiators, the air conditioning, the mixing pumps and the underfloor heating circuits are active elements of the air conditioning system in your home. In order to make it easier to see how they “work”, we have created, activated and animated graphic symbols related to them, so that with a single glance you can see how the air conditioning works.

Each device has at least four operating states: ON mode, OFF mode, off-on or on-off transitions and fault mode (disconnected from the network). Below you can see what they look like in ON modes.

Air conditioning control
The blue (cooling) circuit shows that the air conditioner is working properly.


Heating with radiators
The red circuit shows that in the radiators the thermal agent is actively transmitted.


Control of the central heating unit
We have introduced an additional graphic control for the central heating unit, the user being able to select in the interface the room or the technical space of the house, and then the home appliances section.
This is where the new graphic element dedicated to the Central Heating Unit appears. When the symbol shows the red flame, the central heating unit is in the ON mode, the command is managed by VIKI.
Apart from the manual start of the central heating actuator, the decision may also come from the VIKI sensors, the thermostats in the rooms or the thermostats mounted on the radiators.


Mixing group pumps
The heating pumps ensure the distribution of the heat agent to the circuits in each room when there is a floor heating system. They can be switched off or on automatically by VIKI, depending on the thermal requirement of each room.
The mixing pumps have a delayed start-up time in the VIKI configurator, in order to first allow the solenoid valves of the floor circuits to open and only then to start the pumping of the thermal agent in the system.


The underfloor heating circuit
At a required temperature for demonstrative purpose of 24 ° C, you can see how in one of the bedrooms, the underfloor heating circuit is open and the flame icon shows its operation.
VIKI controls the supply of solenoid valves that close / open the floor circuit through an actuator operating at 220 VAC or 12-24 VDC voltage.


If the equipment does not respond to the commands given by VIKI, the graphic elements that signal the failure (disconnected from the network) are presented below.


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